WM: What she thinks of your top 10 sex-fantasies

Gentlemen, you all have certain fantasies which you want to come true, right? And even better would be if they would come true with your girlfriend at the moment. 

But how do you get them trough? ‘Cause it is not always as easy to talk about them, one could judge you on them. And what is the chance she well be in for it to? 

Rest assured, hereby what she thinks of your top 10 sex-fantasies. Let’s start with threesomes; 

Fantasy 1. You want a threesome (with her and another girl)
She thinks: “Of course you do. Keep dreaming.”
Only few women will be open for sharing you with another woman. Not mainly because you’re soo great they don’t want to share you, but because they are scared to not be the center of attention. And this goes mainly for the heterosexual women. Just think what if we asked you to be with another guy? Yeah, that’s what I thought. The thing is, we’d always wonder whose company you were enjoying more. We might not admit it, but it’d cause some insecurity on our part. Get this out of your system before you enter a committed relationship, okay?
With bisexual women you have a bigger chance on the threesome, but she’ll probably want to talk everything through before.

Fantasy 2. You want her to dress up
She thinks: “Ooo, as what?”
Well, I won’t be hopping through our bedroom in a bunny suit, but playing a French maid or sexy nurse can be a turn on. It takes courage to dress up (some of us are not thrilled with our bodies) but we want to feel sexy for you. So let us know how sexy you think we are, don’t make stupid comments or laugh at us and show us how much we turn you on with it.

Fantasy 3. You want her to give you oral
She thinks: “What else is new?”
Some girls really enjoy giving oral. If your girlfriend doesn’t, it may be that she’s not comfortable or confident with her technique. Make her comfortable—and not by grabbing her head. Reassure her, tell her she does it the best, and guide her if you want something different.
Little note here, the more you give, the more you’ll get 😉

Fantasy 4. You want to try the backdoor (anal)
She thinks: “Ouch!” (and clenches her butt cheeks)
Listen fellahs, this is a gift. If you want it, you have to earn it. This will likely be more “thrilling” for you than her. Hey, some girls are good to go, and enjoy it. Others, well, want some time to ease into that stage of a relationship. You know, the stage when she may drop a turd on your bed and you’ll love her anyway. Yeah, that stage. Anal isn’t for the feint of heart, especially if you’ve had Mexican for dinner. Before you go there, read this.

Fantasy 5. You want to finish on her …. (fill in the blanks)
She thinks: “Um, what? Why? But it gets so messy”
Let’s not bring up how much porn effects you. Most girls won’t make a problem of you coming on their belly, breast or but, but receiving a facial is totally different. If you want to come in any of the first three places, the rule is simple: Ask permission before you do it. If you want to come all over her face first drop some hints about how much you get turned on by that and see how she responds, before you even bring that up in bed.

Tip! Try this in the shower fist, and wash-massage her after.

Fantasy 6. You want to watch her playing with herself
She thinks: “Hell no, that’s private!”
Sorry, guys, but this is something we’re used to doing on our own, and in our own way. Though we understand why you’d enjoy watching, it can be super-awkward for us. Your best bet: While you’re pleasing her, grab her hand and encourage her to show you what she likes. And definitely tell her how amazing she looks doing it, how hard she makes you, how bad you want her to come for you, how … you get me, right?

Fantasy 7. Dirrty talk
She thinks: “You go first.”
Use common sense here, guys. Like, don’t start off by calling her a dirty, horny whore. Ease in, and take it from there. Tell her how gorgeous and sexy she is. She’ll follow your lead and probably get into it.

Fantasy 8. The new, exciting, crazy sexspot
She thinks: “Adventurous!”
But let it happen spontaneously. That is the fun of it. If you plan for it, the thrill is gone. In fact, she may get cold feet if she has too long to think about it. Keep her on her toes! But be realistic about the spot and try not to get arrested.

Fantasy 9. You want to watch porn together
She thinks: “Sure!”
She may not want to admit it, but some girls are just as turned on by porn as you are and otherwise we are curious about what you watch when we are not at home. Try to find something a bit neutral you both will like, so no barely legal with HUUUGE tits!

Fantasy 10. You want to make a porno with her
She thinks: “yeah right, to share with your friends?”
It’s not posing that puts us off (it does just a bit). It’s the prospect of showing up on YouPorn—or, frankly, your buddy’s Whatsapp conversation. Bottom line: This takes loads of trust, ’cause we do know you won’t delete them after watching them. No matter how in love we are at the time, we know that not all love lasts forever. But pictures and videos sure do!
Still want to try? Tape with her camera, in that case she will have the material as well.

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