The way lesbians have sex

Probably everyone will recognize this picture, even though it has been almost 10years ago since it’s taken. The world was shocked when Madonna during the opening of the MTV Video Music Awards of 2003 checked Christina Aguilera’s tonsils after slipping her tongue down Britney Spears’ throat.

Then, in 2008 Katy Perry came with her I kissed a Girl  and we saw plenty of pictures of Lindsey Lohan kissing her girlfriend. In short, girl on girl action is cool, but how do they have sex?

These days it seems like it’s almost a must to be bisexual as a young girl, cause let’s be honest, you will get the attention of al the men. And isn’t that what duckfaced young girls want these days? On the one hand this phenomenon is terrible for the real lesbian/bisxual girls, on the other hand it helps to get more openess and acceptance considering homosexuality.

But what is lesbian sex?
Anyway, to the women who really are lesbian or bisexual of to the ones who are interested in it, here the answer to what is lesbian sex?

If I think about lesbian sex I immediately thought about this scene from South Park and I think others do as well. Luckily I gained some experience and I have lots of gayfriends who were so kind to update me about it.

Actually lesbian-sex is no different from hetero-sex. Every couple wants to have sex in a different way, one does not have the same sex as everyone else, so why would it be different for women?

Handjobs and Oral sex
The most sexual organ in human is the brain, that’s where al sexuality comes from. As all couples one usually starts foreplay with kissing, hugging and caressing. The way of kissing is different for everybody, one likes it soft and sensual, another wants it more rough and playfull. The advantage of lesbian kissing is you won’t have rash the day after from a beard.. Besides that you can stmulate the whole body with your tongue and fingers. Like you saw at my sex-facts blog, some women are able to reach an orgasm from kissing and licking there nipples in the right way. Keep in mind, not every woman likes it if you play (too much) with there boobs. Also caressing over the whole body can increase the sexual tension. Whether it’s gently rubbing her belly or bum or scratching her back with your nails, whatever she prefers.

From here you can switch to oral sex. Almost all women can come from kissing, licking and playing with there clitoris (eating pussy). I think it’s safe to say woman among each other have better oral sex than straights (sorry guys). A nice way of having this kind of sex is position 69.
You can also combine licking with fingering (penetrating or caressing the vagina with your fingers). Regardless in which way a woman likes to be pleased, they all prefer clean hands with clean, best short-cut fingernails.
Mutual masturbation
Many women like to be intimate and have mutual masturbation. Lying on the bed, watching each other, having eye-contact and at the same time pleasure each other. This is also a good way to figure out what the other likes.

Not all women like penetration, but the ones who do, and are able to get an orgasm of it, have many options, from fingering to toys. In relationships there are lots of lesbian who use strap-ons or vibrators and also in this case every couple is different. In the one couple there can be one steady partner who does the other, while in the other couple the women switch. Other possibilities are double dildo’s, which you strap on and has one dildo on the inside to pleasure yourself while fucking the other.
Vibrators are made in many shapes and sizes, usually the only work for one person at the same time and they can have attachments to also stimulate the clitoris at the same time. I will come back to sextoys some other day.
We all know how nice it can be to rub against each other and touch one another. This kind of dry humping against ones pelvic areas or leg can stimulate a woman enough to make her come. You can do this by sitting on top of each other (one person gets stimulated) or by lying down together (both get stimulated). As far is I herad it’s not that common but actually also very personal.

Anal sex

Even lesbians know anal sex, from licking the anus (anilingus) to penetration with fingers or toys and same as in straights couples this all depens on the person. Particularly couples who are together for a long time or older couples venture this as I found.Conclusion
As you saw lesbians actually have the same options as straight and it all depends on personal preferences. Actually most gaycouples have better sax than many straight couples because they are more intimate, can’t have a quickie that easily and have more experiece/understanding because they have the same genitals. Next to that woman can squirt by stimulating their G-spot (comparable to a man’s prostate) and they can have multiple orgasms.
If you know how to use your hands and mouth well you actually don’t need toys, but they can always give you some extra.
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