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This week Missy tells about her job as a webcam girl. The interview consists a large part of readers questions, which weren’t shy at all!

Are you also curious about what it is, how it works, if she is ever recognized, the craziest thing a man ever asked her and whether she ever had a date following the chat? Then read on!

Hii Missy, could you introduce yourself?
Hello WoManManual,
My name is Missy, I am currently 32-years-old, mother of two children and I live with my boyfriend.
Since a year (after trying it for the first time, four years ago) I;m working as a webcam girl!

I’ve always been a little exhibitionistic and I like to make beautiful (exciting, sexy) pictures of myself.  I came through a modeling site on a webcam site, not a vulgair Paysite but nicely set up business. They told that I could decide for myself how far I wanted to show myself and so on, which made me decide to sign up.
I find it exciting to seduce men and to make a nice extra income with that is not bad! And what woman doesn’t like to get compliments?

Let’s start with the very first time, how was that?
The first time was super scary! I also was wearing a wig and sunglasses to be unrecognizable but soon I noticed that most men are actually quite shy and usually only want a conversation and already get totally excited from just the idea .. Many also have a wife or girlfriend.

How does the webcamsex function?

You start off to signing up on a general website, where you have a profile with the message whether you are online or not. Usually when I’m at home, I’m online all day and the cam is on as well.
If a man (or woman, although I have not experienced this yet) wants to start a conversation with me, he must dial in to connect to me. Then I get a notification so I can accept the call. This is obviously very useful because in this way I can do what I want at home, from keeping house to watching TV. Usually I have one-on-one conversations, but there are also sites where several men can chat with you in one conversation.
After I accepted the person calling can see me see and also choose to turn his/her webcam on also, and then the chat begins…

Tell us!
Well I turn my webcam on and wait for someone to come in and have a little conversation with him. This usually doesn’t start about sex and I usually don’t start of naked. Most of the times I’m wearing a see-through dress of lingerie or a shirt.
The conversations start usually with the man and me asking each other question, from small talk to more sexy stuff. Like what does turn us on, and from there to more sex-talk. This questioning also gives me some extra time to make more money and in the meanwhile I tease the guy a bit by showing a bit of my boobs or my ass, enough to keep their attention on me. From there things only get more exciting.

How does it feel, playing with yourself on screen?
In the beginning, very uncomfortable, now I’m used to it and it’s not really special anymore. I do not get there very horny of something, it is largely a play.

What is the craziest thing you ever been asked?
The most crazy is that a man wanted me to put slices of cheese on my breasts and there are also many men who want me to give them orders! They are sitting there with an whole arsenal attributes for the cam, think candles, dildos, nipple clamps, clips….

The first time you sat with a wig and sunglasses on, how do you think about being recognizable now?
I am no longer afraid of that, as I think the man will be more ashamed I am, since he is the one who pays for it and I just think it’s exciting work, my friend knows about it, and put no one at harm because it is just a game, so why should I be ashamed? I’m only got recognized this week for the first time by a former colleague.

And how was that?
Haha well.. that was a bit strange. The first thing he said was ‘Hej I know you!’ and we talked about from where he knew me, which made me know who he was immediately. I thought it was really nice of him telling me he knew me, he could also have not said anything.

And then what?
He asked if I didn’t mind and we just chatted for a while after which he left.

Do people in your surroundings know about your job?
My children and ex know nothing. I would never ‘work’ when children are in the house. Maybe I ever, if they are old enough and asks, tell.

I told my best friends and sister myself, and when people ask what I do for a living it depends somewhat on the person I’m dealing with if I tell or not.
My girlfriends and sister know me well, I’m pretty sexually set and am also very open so this didn’t come as a surprise for them.

My boyfriend had some difficulties with it in the beginning, I was already working as a camgirl before we started a relationship, but when he saw the fun I had without any ulterior motives and the fact I made a nice extra income with it he was okay with it, and that resulted in occasionally playing together on cam!

Together?? Of course we want to know everything about that!
Haha yeah.. With my boyfriend I’m signed up to a different site. This is an automatic website which also makes screenshots of us. We don’t have to accept call there of chat, we just have sex in front of the webcam while people can just log on.
Having sex in front of the webcam is in most regards normal, but knowing people are watching you does make it a bit more exciting.

Did it influence your sex-life in any way?
Not that much, maybe we are having a bit more sex now than before since you are talking about sex all day which increases your libido a bit.

Have you ever met a nice guy or asked on a date?
I have had enough requests but I am very happy with my boyfriend! And most men who come there are not really my type.

Never afraid you’ll regret it?
No I do not know why, and as long as have fun in the work I’ll keep doing it.

Our readers were also very curious about the earnings?
What you earn depends on just how often you are online and how often you get a visitor but I usually make about €500 every 4 weeks, which is a nice extra. The earnings will be around 30 euros per hour, calculated on the minutes and you get paid weekly.

Would you recommend it to other girls?
For girls who have little or no money and it really like to tease, I do recommend it, you can decide how far you go.

Dear Missy,
Thanks so much for your outspoken answers, we wish you much, much more fun in your work! And if  crazy things happen we like to hear haha!

To the readers: If you still have questions post them below, and I’ll get the answer for you!!
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