Things you rather not tell him…

Ofcourse being honest is one of the most important things in a relationship. But there are things you rather not tell him. For his own good…

1. Previous sexual partners…
The one question that will always be asked, and always when you are not expecting it: ‘With how many guys did you sleep?’. What to answer to that? Actually there is a question behind it. He wants to know what sex (and he) means to you. The best you can do is ask why he wants to know this and tell him what sex means to you. Do you still want to answer?
Your answer will depend on the guy you are seeing. If you think he will be scared tell him how many relations you had instead of sex partners or lower the amount. We all forget something from time to time right?

2. On what you spend your salary
Men don’t always understand that we easily spend a big amount of money on a pair of heels, just like we think their gadgets are a waist of money. To avoid fights about these subject it’s best to open a shared bank account where you both deposit a certain amount of money, that you decided on together, on every month. In this way you but meet the standing charges. The money that rests from your salary is free spendable.

3. How sexy you think his best friend/brother/cousin is
You’d better keep these things a secret. There are few men who can deal with this. Next to that, you wouldn’t like it if the tables were turned right?

4. Your detailed beauty-ritual
He really doesn’t need to know how you do you bikini area or how hard it is to wax your moustache at the same time you are doing your eyebrows. First of all he doesn’t care, second you should keep some things a mystery to keep the excitement in your relationship.

5. What you think about his mom
What if your mother-in-law comes straight from hell and keeps trying to come between your boyfriend and you? I hope that he stands up for you is she behaves in a bitchy way to you, if not you can appeal to him (at home). Don’t judge his mom but tell what you noticed or feel, like the fact she is calling him very often or that it hurted you when she wrote down your new outfit. In this way he wont go in defence and it gives him the possibility to approach it directly.

6. What you really think about his present
For days you’ve been wondering what birthday-present he bought you and full of expectations you are opening the beautiful box. You are speechless, unfortunately not because you like it that much, but because you think it’s hideous. What to do?
Sweet approach: Tell him you think it’s so sweet of him, try it on and ask him what he thinks about it. Does he like it, than wear it a few times when he is with you before it accidentally breaks or gets lost. Does he think it’s ugly? Suggest to go change it together.
A little less sweet approach: Despite this article is about the things you shouldn’t tell I think this is not suitable for every case. With the right person you can honestly tell what you think. Otherwise you are risking to get more presents you don’t like. Tell him you really think it is so sweet of him and that it really is beautiful, but that it doesn’t suite you that much. If he would mind you to are going to change it for something better suiting.

7.  Innocent flirts
During your girls-night out you get in contact with a cute guy, you talk about, flirt a bit and you go back to dance with your girls. Two seconds later you already forgot about him. Do you have to tell your boyfriend about this? I think not. As long as you don’t cross any limits there is nothing going on. Of course these limits differ in every relationship. But you can tell him sometimes that men flirt with you, this can be positive for you relationship. In this way he knows you are being honest towards him and it is good for his ego knowing men think his girlfriend is attractive.


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