The Macho Mojito, aka Sperm Mojito

From ‘People drink sperm’

Bored with always the same mojito? A little sperm gives your drink a fresh twist!

Semen contains a lot of protein and in many locations available fresh. The recently published recipebook Semenology,  The Semen Bartender’s Handbook in hand – and your/ a ‘pudding gun’  in the other – you’ll mix in no time seed cocktails of an unprecedented level.

Semenology is the most recent publication of the American author and semeneater Paul “Fotie” Phothenhauer, who previously published a sperm based cookbook

Phothenhauer, allegedly driven by “a passion for sperm ‘, glories in the interviews’ the complex and dynamic flavor’ of the white miracle water.

Thirsty? Roll up your sleeves and get your hands in the pants!

Recipe for 1 Macho Mojito
3 cl dark rum
fresh mint
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
1 cl lime juice
6 cl Spa Red
Sperm to taste
lime wedges
Ice cubes or crushed ice

Mix the lime juice and sugar. Squeeze the mint leaves gently and stamp them with a mortar to get the taste to its full potential. Add the rum and stir firmly untill the mint leaves float to the top. Add lots of ice and Spa Red.

Use a whisk to gradually mix the powdered sugar to the sperm until it becomes a creamy foam. Test if you have reached the right sweet-salty balance.

Spoon the foam along the side of the glass in the drink so that it drips down gracefully. Decorate the drink with lime wedges.

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