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‘Hey WMM, did you already know about Tinder?’ 
Some time ago I was with my boyfriend and his best friend who asked me this. What was I supposed to know? Tinder therefore, a datingapp or something blabla, was fun, bitches look blabla … Okaaay then ..

Of course I can not withhold you this so I made an account. In the recent days I gathered some information from friends about Tinder, and the craziest things they have experienced so far. Then when I wanted to write the fucking Cosmopolitan (December 2013) already did something about it, but that article I found but meager, so this a decent Tinder review! 

Also let me know your craziest experience especially below!

So, what is Tinder?
For those who, like me three weeks ago, still living under a rock, Tinder is a new datingsapp,
published in October 2013. You sign in with your Facebook account and it automatically loads a number of you (profile) photos, likes, friends, and text in order to put your profile together. Fortunately, you can easily adjust this. Any common friends and interests are also displayed wich you can not turn it off.

Once logged in you can indicate whether you are looking for men or women in any age range (choice 18-55+) and the distance from you. Next, Tinder will search and shows you the profiles of potential matches, depending on your wishes.
If you like someone, then you can swipe to the right to make the match or to the left when you’re not interested.

People won’t hear if you rejected them, only if the other also approves you, you are told that you have a match (when the other liked you before you liked him/her you immediately get the message you: ‘you are already a match’) and you can start to chat.
Tinder also gives you several opening sentences and motivates you with comments like, ‘Let’s get started’, ‘get over it’, ‘well you came into this far, might as well say something’ and many more to give you a helping hand to start a conversation.

So I started checking it out, and had some trouble in the beginning. You have to choose immediately like or dislike. Sometimes I swiped too fast to dislike, I wanted to get him/her back, and because of automatism I tried this by swiping to the right, which is impossible. Therefore what happened is that you automatically like that new shown person, who unsuspectingly tries to start a nice conversation with you.. Oops!

Besides that it is fun watching monkeys, a lot of people unfortunately are heavily disappointing (I selected men and women), so I occasionally get the message that they have no more suggestions for me if I scrolled a bit too much to the left: P. Meanwhile, I also encountered some acquaintances, which of course I like for fun.

I must admit I haven’t been online that much, so u haven’t had that much very strange experiences so far. Occasionally I check it, and what I’ve noticed is that a lot of people have already liked me (Tinder immediately tells me I have a match when I swipe someone to the right). The craziest thing happened to me so far, is a girl who was constantly bothering me with supposedly horny messages. Fortunately you still have, after liking, the option to block people (such a relieve..).

As on many dating sites, a lot of people are there only for sexdates, such as soccer players. In addition there are a lot of men with their girlfriend on the picture(?!) so cheating is not avoided here. But on the other hand some man appear to be serious. So I had a nice conversation with a young man who wanted to remain anonymous but was very nice when I explained to him that I was on Tinder purely because of research for my blog.
Unfortunately there are also men who are a little too seriously. For example, one of my friends got harassed by a man who could not get enough of her and even tried to impress her by acting as if he was a virgin.. (thanks again for the block button!).

One of the most annoying things on Tinder is that you can only choose a photo that is set as your profile picture on your FB
with the result that you are occasionally confronted with group photos in which it is not always clear who’s profile you are seeing.
In addition, if I only selected to fin women, I still get to see a lot of men, dunnow why?
* Meanwhile, selecting pictures from other albums is possible, only a lot of people do not bother to change their pictures.

All in all, it’s fun pastime but I think nothing serious. This week I will post some photos of proposed matches where I laughed my ass off, and please share the ones you found with me in the album on tje WMM-FB which I specially made!

Tinder in short
– It is easy to make contact.
– You can search for people in the neighborhood when the need is high and what your requirements low.
– The Facebook link makes it more secure, you know to find someone faster and it is less likely to find a fake profile.
– You can reject to your heart without hurting anyone.
– You do not know how many people have rejected you, so your ego stays intact.
– Tinder motivates you with opening sentences.
– There is still a barring option, if anyone proves to be disappointing.

– Despite the given 10km I get to see people from the north (read 53km away).
– You can only choose untill 100Km distance. So as a student living in a different part of the country trough the week, you see totally different people if you are at campus.
– It’s addictive.
– The Facebook interface makes it not really private.
– In fact, it is a rather superficial inspection.
– Not all functions work properly.

Facebook could not stay behind, so for Dutch men and women we have:
De mooiste Tinder meisjes (prettiest girls on Tinder)
De mooiste Tinder mannen (prettiest men on Tinder)
Buuuut we also have: draken van Tinder (ugly people)
In case you are not OK with the fact that your pictures is shown here, you can contact the administrator and your picture will be deleted.

My task is fulfilled and luckily I am still happy with my man, so I can close my account again: P But for you: Let us know what your experience is with Tinder!

Source Tinder:
The photo album on the (Wo)ManManualFacebook

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