The costs of a vagina

Have you ever stopped to think how much it costs to be a woman? 
Think of all the money you spend on clothes, make-up, but also to the care of your body. Because unlike men, we have a very valuable asset: our vagina.

According to the website Jezebel that takes us a lot of money. From your twentieth to thirtieth you according to them pay about $26,000 (or €19,800) for it. Wondering how their calculation looks like? Read on.

1. contraception
According to studies about 80 percent of women at some point in her life used an oral contraceptive. And that’s not so cheap. For though there are generic versions of the pill, many women for certain reasons (irregular menstruation, vaginal bleeding) get specific – and expensive – pills prescribed.

Price: for a pack of pills of the brand Yasmin one pays about 38 euros for three months. For the whole year, this amounts to 152 euros.

2. Tampons and pads
Although also reusable methods exist (such as the menstrual-cup),  about 70 percent of American women uses tampons. And on average, a woman in her life needs about 11,000 tampons or panty liners.

Price: for a pack of 32 pieces of tampons, you pay about 5 euros (0.156 euros each). So 11.000 cost you  1718 euros.

3. Relief at menstruation
During menstruation, women often suffer from headaches, bloating, fatigue, etc.. Research shows that about 85 percent of women between 25 and 35 are dealing with the physical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. That you can fight with drugs, which of course has a price tag attached to it.

Price: for 90 capsules Efamol Pmp of A. Vogel you pay 25 euros.

4. Pelvic Examination & Pap
A pelvic examination is necessary for the gynecological health of a woman, because here infections and other diseases come to light. An annual Pap test helps in the detection of cervical cancer.

Price: in addition to the price of the consultation with the doctor or gynecologist (from 30 euros), you pay five euros extra for the smear.

5. Condoms
Because the pill does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, condoms are often a necessity. Many women rely only on themselves, and get a package in the house.

Price: for a packet of “Durex Feeling Ultra ‘of 10 condoms you pay about 10 euros.

6. Itching
Many women suffer from itching on their vagina, and are moving on a special ointment.

Price: for a tube Gyno-Daktarin you pay at least 11 euros.

7. Urinary tract infections
Urinary tract infections are more common in women than in men, and the treatment is not cheap. Often you need antibiotics along with completely natural cranberry juice.

Price: besides a doctor’s visit (30 euros), you should of course pay the antibiotics. For special cranberry juice you pay often 17 euros.

8. Yeast infections
About 75 percent of all women will get one or more times in her life to do with a fungal infection on her vagina.

Price: Here again a doctor visit is necessary, along with a soothing ointment, such as the Gyno-Daktarin (11 euros).

9. Removal of pubic hair
According to a recent survey, most women between 18 and 39 years remove their pubic hair. The average woman would be shaving 12 times per month , waxing is done every six weeks.

Price: 12 euro per month depilatory products, comes down to about 145 per year. 27 euros per waxing, 9 times a year, costs about 240 euros.

10. Toilet paper
Since women in each toilet visit need to use toilet paper, they use at least twice as much as men. A man needs an average of one roll per week, women use at least two.

Price: about 6 euros for 8 rolls, or 0.75 euros per roll. With two rolls per week, you as a woman spend around 78 euros per year on needed toilet paper.

11. Extras
Besides all the nurturing and sustaining expenses, we sometimes need little extras. Thus Jezebel about the emergency pill (10 euros), pregnancy (between 10 and 20 euros) and even abortions (385 euros).


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