Suicide after giving BJ to dog Update!

Unsuspecting I opened a link a friend sent to me… Full of disgust I closed the window.

Maybe you also saw it already, the girl who gave her Jack Russel a blowjob because of a (drunk) betting in which she earned €20. We all had a big laugh about it at my work and the internet was full of it. Tweets everywhere, lots of forums full of it even posts on 9GAG and other memesites as you can see. 

Read the story here and watch THE MOVIE.

People do the most crazy things nowadays and even animal sex is not unkown, but it will always be disgusting and just retarded.

So, dumb dumb dumb was what I thought after loosing my disgust. These days you can’t do anything crazy or it will end up on the internet, specially when you suck the cock of your dog. Really, how the fuck can you do something like this, and for only 20 euros??! I mean let’s be honest, it wasn’t that much what she did and I think people will consider it when you offer them a million (at work we decided €100.000 was not enough).

I was wondering how this girl would deal with all the attention to this. ‘Cause in no-time your all your friends will know about it, your neighborhood, your school and even your parents. You will get be bullied and be laughed at for the rest of your life.

Well actually she didn’t had to deal with this for that long if I have to believe this news: “In The Hague a 17-year-old girl committed suicide. On the internet and social media are rumors are spread she did this because a movie circling around showing how she gives oral to dog for 20 euros. The police of Zuid-Holland has confirmed the suicide but is not available for any comments.
The girl Maijda was found, severely injured, yesterday evening in a forest alongside the Oude Klapwijksweg in The Hague. She was brought to the hospital in critical condition with an ambulance, but later deceased to her injuries. A trauma-helicopter was present.”

Ofcourse it was a stupid action of hers, but to commit suicide because of this (assuming this news is true)? I think she overreacted and many people show her no respect. Not only because she sucked the dog’s dick but also because of this cowardly behavior.

Q: But what do you think about it?

Hereby the movie for who wants to see it..


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