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Gay, Gardnerella, Genital warts, Glans, Gonorrhea, G-spot, Greek way, Gynotex.

See Homosexuality.

A disruption of the pH of the vagina by sex, washing with soap, or the contents of a tampon too long. It can infect man, but gives no complaints. When the woman comes free with a strong separation dirty, sour odor and has been itching.

Genital Warts, Gonorrhea,
See STD´s.Glans
The head (glans penis) is the tip of the penis. The glans in uncircumcised men is usually hidden in the foreskin. In some of the men is the head visible during erection. In uncircumcised men the foreskin is fully or partially removed and the acorn therefore nearly always visible. The head is usually the most sensitive part of the penis and plays an important role in sexuality.
Like the penis, the glans with erectile. The skin of the glans is not normal skin, as on the penis, but mucosa. Opens into the urethra from the glans. Not only is the glans the continuation of the shaft, she is also at the bottom attached to it with a tendon, the frenulum preputii penis.G-spot
The Gräfenbergplek or (English) G-spot (sometimes translated as G-spot), named after Ernst Grafenberg, is an erogenous zone of the woman. Stimulation of the G-spot would give an intense and satisfying orgasm and would possible cause female ejaculation.
In women, the G-spot is in the vagina on the side of the pubic bone located. The G-spot feels like a ribbed piece, about 5 inches deep in the vagina, on the side of the abdomen. Men have also a variant there of, in the anus, and then on the side of the penis.

Greek way
Anal sex.

A kind of tampon pads which you can use for bathing or sauna or even having sex. SInce it has no string you can´t see it.

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