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Labia, Lesbian, Leukorrhea, libido, Lingerie, Lubricant, Lust.

The lips are a part of the vulva.
There are two pairs of lips;
– The small inner lips (labia minora pudendi)
– The large or outer labia (labia majora pudendi)
The labia majora are the hairy skin folds that surround the labia minora. They form the border on both sides of the vulva. Backwards until they unite the posterior commissure. They contain, among others fat, sweat and sebaceous glands. The labia majora are in non-excited state often against each other, enabling them to protect the inner parts. During sexual arousal the labia majora swell and what they come out of each other.
In each of the labia majora is a Bartholin gland. This gland produces slimy fluid that is secreted through a small opening in the bottom inside of the labia minora.The labia minora form a fold, with the opening of the vagina at the bottom. They are hairless, thin skin folds which lie between the labia majora. At the top they come together and togehter with the clithood they cover the clitoris. They contain sebaceous glands and erectile tissue. Like the clitoris, the inner lips swell under the influence of sexual stimuli by increased blood flow.
In approximately 60% of women are the inner labia greater than the outer after puberty. In general, there is a large variation in color and shape of the labia in different women. By no means all women are the left and right labia identical in shape. Examples here.Lesbian
Women who are sexually attracted to other women.

See Discharge.

Also known as sexual drive, is a term used in sexology being used to refer to the degree to which a person is in need of sexuality. The word has several meanings given in the course of time.
Modern meaning:
The libido can vary greatly from person to person. A strongly increased libido is called hypersexuality. Conversely, one speaks of a greatly reduced sex drive of anafrodisie. The libido can fluctuate in a human life. Often it is in the age of puberty at its peak, and subsequently takes a greater or lesser extent, but this is not always the case. Even those over eighty may still have a strong libido.
The sexual drive is largely determined by hormones in the body. In women, the menstrual cycle also affect the desire for sex. Emotions can also affect libido: in tension, anxiety, stress or depression may decrease libido or sometimes actually increase. Some disorders may increase the sex drive, such as mania and sometimes hyperthyroidism
A linguistic derived from the French term for women’s underwear. It also speaks of “women’s lingerie” or “lingerie”, which is a pleonasm, since by definition lingerie designed for women. In Western culture there are many different types of lingerie, many an erotic nature. And the best surprise for your boyfriend;)
A lubricant is a liquid or liquid substance that some people used during sex or intercourse.
The drug is on the genitals (or sometimes the whole body) to lubricate the friction between the genitals themselves or genitals and hands or sex toys verminderen.When the woman can not create sufficient vaginal fluid sex can be to rough. Solution is more extensive foreplay to get her wet or lubrication.
Lust is the desire to satisfy a (sexual) need. It is often used in a limited sense as the desire for sex. In Flanders, in this context, meaning “enthusiasm”. If the desire is for something else, the word in question is often placed behind the thing of desire, such as appetite (eetlust), wanting to work (werklust) and so on. (In German the word ‘Lust’ also like ‘something very much feel like it. “)Back to dictionary.
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