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You don’t hear about it often, but there are men who like anal stimulation. 

And how could it be not, the prostate, only in men, is hypersensitive and located in the anus. To find it you have to put your finger in your anus and feel a spot as big as a walnut with relief on the side of your belly. 

One of my loyal followers wanted to share his experience with us. Johan thank you very much for this!

How did you discover anal stimulation and what made you try it yourself?
Because I lost my virginity at relatively late age (when I was 22) I had only masturbation. I had heard about men that used anal stimulation but I always thought that’s nothing for me. When I heard that the prostate in men was the same as the G-spot in women, I was a bit curious and because I wanted to do something else I tried it with my fingers.

How was your first experience?
My curiosity and boredom eventually won. My first experience was kinda strange, maybe it was because of me being straight or because at first it didn’t appeal to me, I don’t know. The first time I used my fingers. It was strange to put the lubrication (I used Vaseline since that was all I had at home) on and it also felt strange to feel something going the opposite direction. But I soon found my prostate. After massaging it I came more fast and more hard than usual, which made me do it more often.
Is the anal stimulation enough or du you jerk off at the same time?
For me just anal stimulation alone isn’t enough so most of the time so I jerk off while doing it.

How did you take it to the next level?
Soon I tried it again with a 2nd finger and I really liked it. Since I was a bit ashamed I didn’t dare to buy anal toy. So I started looking for something else to use. What I found first was a banana which I put a condom on. Later I read somewhere that ice cubes in a condom would feel good which I tried and it was at first a little strange but soon a great feeling. Then I got curious what the biggest thing was I could use and a few days of slowly stretching I was able to get an Axe deodorant can in my ass.  Sometime later I purchased myself anal beads which I liked very well, so well that I now also have a prostate vibrator. The prostate massager feels good but not as intense as I expected, maybe it’s because it is a cheap one, but I am very happy with it.

To what extent are you honest about this in a relationship?
My current girlfriend doesn’t know yet, I’m waiting till we’ve been in a relationship a little longer before telling her and I hope she doesn’t mind it. I think it’s important to be honest about it, but the shame will always stay.

Do you think that in the future you would be open to anal sex with your girlfriend (that she takes you in the ass)?
If my girlfriend wouldn’t mind doing it I would like to try. I wondered for a while what it would be like to be taken and it seems to me something fun to share with my girlfriend.

Do you have any advice for other men?
All I can say is if you’re curious just try it, nobody has to know and a toy is not necessary because you can use your fingers to test. And do not worry that you will become gay if you do it, I myself am heterosexual and have been doing it for 5 years now without doubting my sexual preferences.

If you also would like to share your story about anything with me, let me know! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “RT: Johan about anal masturbation

  1. Wtsexy / 49 / Man

    I had an experience once, my wife has a dildo that mounts in the shower so she can back up to it, well one time, I was horny and decided to do the same thing, once I was on the shaft and sliding back and forth, something felt so damn good about it, I was also jerking off at the same time, but then something happend and next thing I know, I was shooting the load of my life all over my soapy hands…while I was cumming, it felt so incredibly good, I thought maybe I hit my prostate or something, so I've tried it periodically since then, feels quite enjoyable!!!

  2. I use to hate it until I started living as a woman and decided to act on my attraction to penises. Eventually my fuck buddies started getting bored with just hand jobs and blow jobs so I bought myself a vibrator. It was agony at first no matter how much lube I used and started becoming better.

    I even started wearing tampons to further "train" my body to accept my boys' love sticks. Now when I'm with a man I'm disappointed if he doesn't penetrate.

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