PsychologyToday: Why Ghosting Hurts So Much…

…And why it says nothing about your worthiness of love..

I just had to share this article with you guys! Did you know you could lighten pain from social rejection with pain medication like Tylenol?

Not only that, it starts with one of my favorite quotes; “The opposite of love isn’t hate; it is indifference” Ghosting, for those of you who haven’t yet experienced it, is having someone that you believe cares about you, whether it be a friend or someone you are dating, disappear from contact without any explanation at all. No phone call or email, not even a text…..

Ghosting isn’t new but years ago this kind of behavior was considered limited to a certain type of scoundrel. In today’s dating culture being ghosted is a phenomenon that approximately 50% of men and women have experienced—and an almost equal number have done the ghosting (1) Despite ghosting’s commonality, the emotional effects can be devastating, and even traumatic since social rejection activates the same pain pathways in the brain as physical pain (10).

Read the article on Psychology Today to learn why people ghost, what it does to a person and how to move forward from it!
1.… (link is external)
3. MUST READ: (link is external)
10. Krossa, E., Bermana, M., Mischelb, W., Edward E. Smith, and Wager, T. 2011. Social rejection shares somatosensory representations with physical pain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 108 (15), p. 6270–6275, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1102693108.

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