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Both men and women can experience pain during sex, although men experience it less often than women. The vagina is much more sensitive and vulnerable than the penis. The pain can have many causes, also the implications can differ. Fortunately almost everything can be solved, cause sex has to stay fun! After the women, now the men:

Irritated penis / glans 
This can have more possibilities:                                                          

1. A STD, go to your general practitioner (GP) and get a treatment.
2. Have to wild or to dry sex or masturbation. Always make sure your partner is wet enough, but also that your foreskin is over your glans. You can use lubrication with sex and with masturbation, and don’t be to wild.

3. (personal care) products. Men can also have a latex allergy, so make sure to use latex-free condoms. Besides that it’s possible that certain soaps or body cremes cause irritation. Try to find out what product is causing your irritation and stop using it. If all of this still not helps check your underwear, some materials can also have the same effect.

Squeezing or bruised feeling in the penis or balls
1 and 2. A squeezing feeling can occur when you’re using condoms which are to small (1) or because of holding an orgasm to long(2), the so-called blue balls. Try better fitting condoms if you feel to much pressure with the ones you’re using and don’t hold you orgasm to long.
Btw to small condoms can result in bursted cores..
Besides, blue balls can also arise when you don’t have sex for a few days in a row. For one men it’s after 5days, in others after 30days. Best solution here is to jerk off or get laid.
3. Is a bit like 2, holding your orgasm to long. When you become hard on and off you balls can start to ache as well. Than its better to finish yourself with a handjob, or get laid.
4. wild sex (again haha). When you are fucking to hard and your balls are slapping angest your GF’s body it can ache afterwards. You can notice this during sex and change speed or position in that case.Severe, stabbing pain

This can have 2 causes, a torn frenulum or a ‘broken’ penis.
A frenulum can get torned when it already was short or from to wild seks. When your frenulum is to short you can go to your GP for a small operation to lengthen it. When it’s torn by having to wild sex you don’t always need to see your GP, sometimes cleaning it and giving it rest is already enough to make it heal fast.
Since there is no bone in your penis it can’t really break, when it’s broken it just means one of the erectile bodies is cracked/popped. The penis will become limp immediately and a big swelling will appear. This also happens when you are fucking to hard or when you enter her in the wrong way and crash into her vagina or belly or somewhere else on her body. Please see first aid as fast as you can!
Tension of the foreskin
With some men the foreskin is to tight to fit over their glans. In that case your GP can do a little and simple operation to make widen it.
Pain while getting an erection
If you also have a bendid penis next to the pain it’s possible penile plastic induration. This is a rare disease that can arise when men get older. It causes bleedings and scars in the erectile bodies which prevents the penis from erect totally and equally. Mostly the bending will become straight after some point, but it’s best to talk to your GP.
No erection?
This is somewhat like vaginismus. It’s not causing pain, but very annoying for both of you of course. Go see your GP or a psychologist to find the cause and talk about it with your partner. There are many ways to treat this, from conversation with a psychologist/sexologist to Viagra.
Does this still not solve your problems or didn’t you find your problem here, don’t hesitate to go see your GP! These people see the most strange things..
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