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Anal sex is getting less of a taboo, Even though it still raises some eyebrows it is not something only seen in pornmovies anymore. However, recent study shows that there is still a long way to go; women would be doing it for all the wrong reasons..  If it comes to sex-research we can always count on the Brits. Lately there has been a survey among 130 young, heterosexual males and females. The researchers probed for the reason why sexual active people engaged in anal sex. Answers showed great differences among the motivation between men and women.

The results are rather disturbing.
Men seem – as expected – to link anal sex to pleasure and macho behavior. They were proud that they were so masculine that they had convinced their partner to go so far. Women in contrary, were terrified for physical pain and a tarnished reputation.In addition, the men admitted that they ventured into anal sex because they liked it better than the regular vaginal penetration, and because they wanted to imitate porn. The feminine side of the study admitted that they actually mainly did it to please their partner.

All respondents also agreed that women requested and/or required to give in, and when they refused, they were seen as frigid. “If you try it, you’ll like it,” was the most common reason that men gave to convince their girlfriend. And even more alarming: most did not know that STI’s can be easily transmitted through anal sex.

Sex therapist Christine Milrod says the findings do not apply only to young Brits, but are applicable to the entire western world. According to her, the growing interest is mainly due to the stereotypes in movies. “It is important to realize that these films are not designed to teach someone something. It’s fantasy, and per definition unrealistic.” She warns men that not all women find the practice enjoyable, and that no one ever should be obliged.

Try anyway
Who indeed would like to try, best take the following tips: Use enough lubricant (better too much than too little) and take all the time you need. Let your partner wear a condom, since bacterial infections are so very quickly transferred.

Dirkje Bennekom has its own tip: To the men who covet the rear-entrance I say first agree to try it on themselves. So grab a dildo and put em first in your own ass, long before you might lovingly, gently, with approved lubricants and with anal condom do her! (Source:, NL)

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