Men about their first time

The tough guys of this time:
Marco (21) single student.
Bart (23) Single, Callcenter agent/
student International business and languages.

Henk (23) Student and single.
Sebastiaan (20) Is single en works as IT-er.
Erwin (24) Is in a RS and works as installation technician.
John (21) Single for 4years, has a few flings, works full-time.

1. With who did you have your first time and on what age?
The first time was with a younger girl (14) who I met during going out. She kept asking for my attention and one thing lead to another.. I was 15 btw.
With a girl you don’t know 😛 I was 14, almost 15..
With a girl from my class, I was 16, almost 17.
With a girl who was 5 years older than me, I was 15 at the moment.
My first time was with Britney when I was 14.

With my GF at the moment, I was 14.
Tell us some more about your first time?
I had great mentor/ guide (though she was younger than I was, she had gained more experience) who was really, really wet, so I was not nervous and couldn’t miss. We did it on the sofa at my place. In my experience it seemed to take at least 20 minutes, but I think it actually took only 6. The TV was playing a soggy sung by Snoop Dogg.

I had to wait a few months for my first time, because we wanted to have sex without condom so we first had to start with birth control . We thought it would be a nicer experience without condoms. It wasn’t’ painful for any os us, she only bled a little. It was a good experience, definitely not a disappointment.

During my first time, my parents were home. So I took her upstairs after I presented her as “just a friend”. We went to my room, locked the door and there was no second wasted. I undressed her and started going down on her, while I was grasping for my condoms. Everything went just perfectly, except that the bed was making an awful lot of noise, so I couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest. Everything had to be quiet. I suggested to continue on the floor, what she didn’t really like. I felt less of it, than expected, but on the other side I could go on longer. We also tried some poses, but this wasn’t a succes, because the condom slipped off every time we changed. When that happened she told me to quite, so there was no fun for me anymore. My bed wasn’t perfect either, it was too small. She did give me a blowjob afterwards, this was awesome. but when she told me she DID have experience in that, I wasn’t able to come anymore. The second time was a hundred times better.

During my first time I was drunk. Me and my girlfriend had gone out to the city, and drank something. We came home and one thing led to another, in my memories it looked a lot like a pornscene.
We both were a bit nervous the first time, because it was the first time for the both of us. She was a bit insecure about showing herself totally to me. In the beginning of it we had to try a bit more and ‘scan’ each other untill we started to talk about it, which was easy ’cause we have known each other for years. She could tell what she enjoyed and what she didn’t. We took it slowly, so we could try lots of things. It was a wonderful experience.
Actually it was a bit different from what I expected. You both know, that it will hurt, for her at least, so I couldn’t really prepare for that.
At that time I already watched porn (as if it was homework hahaha…) so I already knew where to put it, where I could find the clit and all that stuff, so I came in prepared as it was. But even though I was prepared, I was a bit nervous because I wanted to hurt her as little as possible. So we started with a lot of forplay, to make it as comfortable as possible for her. In the beginning it was a bit tough because it hurted like expected, but after a minute or two the pain disappeared and she actually enjoyed it. When we were finished, we just layed there for an hour and did it again.
I must admit that after the first (and second time) I was like… “Is that it?”
Not that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, but all those stories and myths which were told,  seemed to be more beautiful than the reality. In my opinion, the first couple of times is just dreadful, but to be honest, to more you do it, the better you’ll get. You know the expression: “Practice makes perfect”.

3. What do you do on a first date?
Depends on the girl you’re dating. For example: If she likes good food? Than take her out to dinner. If she likes to smoke sisha? Than you smoke a water pipe.
Go out into town or watch a movie at the cinema.
On a first date, I usually wanna do something so I can really get to know her. For example: Go out into town. It’s cheap and simple, plus it gives you the chance to talk with her a lot. There’s not much space for akward silences and doing so you know immediately if you go together. In the contrary, in a cinema you could have a date and don’t have to say a word to each other.
Doing something cosey. Like going out for dinner and afterwards have drinks.
Go out for dinner and watch a movie at the cinema or at home.
I haven’t been on a date for a very long time, but if I would have one, than I would be myself always. She must be attracted already, otherwise she wouldn’t g out on a date with me, right? So I always act as myself. Try to be a bit funny, to listen to what se says and to ask things about her, so you can get to know her.
Normally, I do cliche stuff like watching a movie at the cinema, go out into town, go out to dinner or bowling.
4. How long do you wait for a first time in a relationship? And who takes care of anti-conception?
Depends on the person as well. Animal instincts are hard to hold back. One time it’s directly on the first date, the other time it takes two months. Though the success of a long relationship is based on a longer waiting period, instead of on sex on the first date. Because, if she is so easy with me, is she that easy with others as well? I always bring condoms, though I’m not a big fan. If I have a long relationship, we both take a STD-test and she takes birthcontrol pills, or she takes another form of contraception.
Depends, if she’s a keeper. My experience tells, the longer you wait, the better your understanding after sex is. Usually I bring the condoms.
I don’t do it on a first date. And in a relationship, I say “Go for it”, don’t wait. You’ll never know what happens next and you’ll regret that you never took your chance. Only if she’s REALLY special, I wouldn’t mind to wait.
I always have condoms on me. But I think the girl should bring them as well as a kind of back-up.
When the girl is ready. I always take care of the contraception. Because I can easily explain why I have condoms.
Untill it feels right. The man should bring the condoms in my opinon. 
Actually, I let her decide when it ‘ll be the first time. If it’s the first or the third date, I don’t care about waiting for it. I always have a condom on me, just in case…
5. How do you prepare yourself for the first time? (Do you do something special?)
A good preparation is very important. Though 90% of the guys don’t prepare themselves (as far as I think). You should be shaven well, showered and be wearing a nice parfum.
In case you really would be in love with a girl (something that doesn’t happen to me an awful lot), you could in fact do something special. For example a special place, with a romantic overnight.
Wear nice clothes, smell nice. Think of a scene to happen and try to work it out. Forplay must not fall into oblivion.
Your first time must be planned out, so nothing bad will happen. You must shave well, think about what you will say, smell nice, make sure nobody is at home and clean up. Take a good night sleep. And most important, it shouldn’t look planned at all.
By being relaxed, so both feel nice and we let our bodies take care of the rest. It depends on the moment as well, should it be a romantic first time. For example, if you went out to dinner or gave each other massages.
I trim myself and make sure I wear a nice fragrance.

I always make sure that everything down there is nicely trimmed and clean, but I think most people do this (it’s pure taking care of hygene). Normally I masturbate a couple of hours before we have sex, so I can continue longer.
Because it seems to me it would be very shitty if you sleep with a girl for the first time and you can’t endure that long because the both of you are to horny. You will want to make a good impression. What can’t be missed is a click between you and her, so that you can communicate about what’s nice and what isn’t.
6. What if the first time is just dreadful? (Dump her now you still can or try to talk things over)
It depends on what is the dreadful part. Some things can be fixed. Though if a girl smells bad, or is unshaven or wears granny-panties, than there won’t be a sexy sequel to the first experience.
Depends on the situation and my love for her.
Just talk about it and try it again. Loose her as fast as you can is a bad option, because it’ll always get better and everyone’s body reacts differently. I think dumping peaple after sex, will make them feel insecure for all the wrong reasons.
Talk with her about her pleasures and yours. Because it’s so difficult to find out what you both like. For example, there are girls who like it rough and be called names, during the sex. But others who like it soft and smooth so it is more romantic.
Try it again a few times, no improvemet, than dump her ass.
You can always try it again. I can still remember that we had an after-sex talk about what we liked and did not liked. After that we did it again and it was much better. Mostly I can easily talk about it as long as she is open for it.

7. Do you tell your friends when ‘it’ happend?
No, my sex-life is only my business.

Not always. Usually I don’t talk about it and break-up.
I only talk about it with my best friend, but I’m not going to tell everybody. Cause before you know everybody will know in that case, and so will she.
There are 2 friends who I tell everything, they are my best friends, I don’t tell everybody because I think it’s my business.
9 out of 10 times I’m not telling it by myself, but if they ask I’m not going to lie about it.
8. How do you feel about meeting your parents-in-law for the first time?
I don’t have  problem with that. I think you will notice immediately if they are open to you or not and if you have a connection with them or not.
S-hit. I always had parents-in-law who never really were open to me. Specially when I dated my ex’s sister and I had to visit with family-party’s.

Uncomfortable, specially as man (they know what you are doing with their little girl..). But it depends on your parents-in-law characters if you have a good connection or not.
Always hard. You want to make a good impression. And you kenver know what to expect, do they like jokes or totally not. And you will always be scared to get an cross examination.
I’m scanning them but at the same time im trying be friendly and spontaneous, so they can be sure I will take good care of their daughter.

If it’s a girl, who I really like, I am a bit nervous, but the nervousness will fade away in time.

I don’t know, how I manage it, but I always clicked with my parents-in-law. Even when the relation ended, I was always able to talk to them, when our paths crossed in the streets. And I still get cards for christmas and my birthday from the parents of my ex.

9. Which first time do you remember best?
Well, once I was on a party, where I met 2  girls, who I already knew. With these two I didn’t have sex yet. On that party they were out for it, and it appeared it was their first time. (I noticed that, but I was quite drunk). It wasn’t the best time, but o so remember-able. 😉

When I had an older girlfriend, when I was 17. She showed me how to do it ;). Nymphomaniac.
A one night stand, because it was totally unexpected and she was really pretty. Even the setting was surprising, because there were many familymembers at home and we didn’t succeed in being quiet.
My girlfriend at the time dropped by during Christmas to have dinner with my family. After dinner we layed in bed, just staring in each others eyes for an hour. She went away for a moment and returned in a very sexy lingerie outfit. That was the first time we had sex.
My first time of course!
The first time, which was very re-memorable, was the first time with an ex of my friend. they separated like two days ago (after a relationship of two years) and I already knew her, before she met him, and in my eyes she was always pretty. So it was a bit of a dilemma, because I knew the guy longer, than I knew that girl. But I went anyway. To comfort her with the loss of her relationship. but when she opened the door, she stood there in a sexy ensemble of underwear. I was like, this is wrong, because it just stopped with my best friend, but I wanted it so badly. Anyway, the first time was really good and after we came for the first time, we went for a second time after 5 minutes. Normally I need like 15 to 30 minutes to recover (depends on the girl I’m with actually. But this time I only needed to touch her and it was hard again.
After that day, we slept with each other for 7 months and silenced everything for that friend of us. Not my best moment, but at least the sex was awesome.

10. Which first time do you want to do over again??
Well, the best sex is with the people you actually love. So those moments I want to relive. At aside you have moments with people you love less, but where the tension is so high, that those moments are relivable again. This will lead to an unending source of intensive pleasure.
With my ex, with whom I had a relationship for 2,5 years. On a floating isle in the pool.
I don’t wan to redo anything, I’d rather have a new experience.See my previous answer.
My first time ever or the first time in a forest.
Actually, the very first time!!!
Besides that I want to relive the first time with an older woman, she was 43… But I must honestly say that she looked like 32 and she was really pretty. I met her at the supermarket and I had a sexual relationship with her for about  months. She REALLY knew what she did!!!!!

All the men thank you for your courage and honest answers!

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