Ladies, 5 habits that could ruin your RS

There is nothing wrong with showing your love, telling your partner you love him, giving him a big hug now and then or leaving him a little present.. Those are the small things that make a loving relationship.
But overdoing it can harm your relationship in a ‘how to lose a guy in 10 days’-way, only without a happy end..

So, you don’t want to chase him away? Then get rid of these five habits.

#1 You want to tell him everything
You photograph your breakfast from three angles and send it to him. Your mother called, so you call him to submit a whole report. You banged your toe.. Well, you get it, right?
But, but he is interested in your life right? Yeah he is, but some thing can wait. Tell eachother about your day in the evening, or call your bestie and tell her every small detail, that’s what friends are for 😉

#2 You’re counting out his friends
Maybe you feel his best friend a little weird and you have nothing in common with his friends of the Scout (oh god, does that still exist?). Not to speak of his old, not to mention handsome neighbor who asked him for a coffee .. because you don’t believe but that friendship between men and women is possible.
Yet it is not good for your relationship to clearly show your disapproval. If you discourage your love to deal with his friends, you’re basically saying that he has a bad taste. Would you like it if he called your bff an affected bitch?
The same goes for family, no matter how irritating his brother and no, even if they do indeed annoying. Be the bigger (wo)man!

#3 You’re looking for approval 24/7
He hasn’t said he loved you for half an hour, maybe he is thinking about leavin you? He says nothing about your new dress, he definitely thinks you are too fat.
At the beginning of a relationship he may find you uncertainty somewhat adorable, over time it becomes downright annoying. Men like confident women 😉

#4 You are doing EVERYTHING as a couple
When was the last time you once did something separate?
If the answer is visiting the toilet this morning, you spend too much time together.
Reminds me of the newly weds couple where the woman wanted double shower because she just insisted they had to shower together, as in, on a regular base…
Missing each other a little makes your relationship even stronger.

#5 You drop everything for your lover
If your best friend is calling you to do something on Friday night, you do not have time. Not because your lover and you have something special planned, but because you only spend 5 out of 7 days together last week just hanging on the couch …
Please, don’t, see point 4.

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