RT: Jessica opens up about domestic violence

One of my loyal followers found the strength to put a hold to the domestic violence she had until now. By sharing her story she hopes other women (or men) will gain the power to say: Now it’s enough!
Read here her story…

“I have tried leaving my husband for over a year now and just couldn’t get out. Something kept me from leaving. Two nights ago I finally said: “Stop, no more!!!”

We’ve been together for 9 years, looking back on it he has been verbally abusing me for the whole time. But I put up with it, cause I was afraid of being alone. The years went on and his abusive nature became more and more extreme. After the cursing and the calling names, the throwing stuff to my head came. And when that didn’t give him the respons he hoped for anymore, he started to threaten my life. A year ago he already beaten me once and after him apologizing, I was so stupid to return home. He kept crossing boundaries that I had set up, and I kept moving the boundaries. Then two nights ago he again got verbally aggressive for the whole day, and eventually started kicking me for no apparent reason other then us having an argument. He took a knife and threatened to cut my throat and threatened the life of me and my family. That’s when I finally could say stop.

I took my phone, ran outside and called the police. Pressed charges against him and am currently packing my stuff to get the hell out of here. No one deserves to be treated this way, no matter what. I finally realised the only one who could save me, was me!”

She even opened a FB page where she want’s to share stories and help others out of their situations:

I will write more about this topic in the future, for now I only want to say she is right. Nobody deserves to be treated this way! Don’t ever think that what ever you did deserved this. There are always more option than getting aggressive!

In case you have a story of your own which you would like to share just contact me 🙂

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