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Since we already discussed the ladies-piercings and lots of my friends and co-workers were still curious I decided to finally make an summary of the most common gentlemen intimate piercings. 

I have to admit that I only know a few men who are brave enough and not that many women who really get a kick out of it. But I myself like most of them somehow. A ampallang gives definitely more stimulation and a frenum looks really cute.

Prince Albert

Let’s start with the most famous, the Prince Albert piercing: Named after Albert von Coburg, the husband of Queen Victoria. Its goal was to be used as a dressing ring, the ring could be attached to the pants button so tight in the uniform pants of those times that the penis was hided better. The piercing runs from the urinehole to the frenum where he perpendicular to the urethra (urethra) comes out, the passage through the skin is very low, this is also reflected in the rapid healing time of about 4 to 8 weeks.
Depending on the anatomy is usually chosen for a circular barbell, ball closure ring or possibly a slightly curved barbell. The thickness of the jewelry is usually 2 mm or 2.5 m Thinner is generally not recommended due to the risk that the jewel will be cutting in the surrounding tissue. The diameter of a ring-shaped ornament is ample space for any swelling and erections to cope. A too tight jewelry can cause unnecessary pain and all the complications of that care.

However you can also choose the Reverse Prince Albert: As the Prince Albert goes in by the

Reverse PA

underside of the penis and eventually into the urethra, the reverse Prince Albert in a reverse direction. The exact placement will depend on the anatomy, but generally goes in at the tip of the glans toward the urethra. Because the reverse Prince Albert goes trough a thicker layer of tissue than the Prince Albert piercing, this piercing requires a longer healing time from 4 to 6 months or longer.



De apadravya, also apadravra, is a risky piercing with a long healing-period since it goes trough the glans. The exact placement should be determined based on the anatomy. In an uncircumcised penis the apadravya is pierced right next to the frenum and ends at the top of the penis, about halfway the glans. A circumcised penis piercing approximately follows the same trend, but may possibly be chosen to be done through the frenum. Simply put, you could call the apadravya a combination of a reverse Prince Albert and Prince Albert. The healing time is about 6-9 months.



This radical and risky piercing runs horizontally through the glans. Because of the good blood flow it
can be a bit of a bloody operation. The healing time is between 3 and 9 months. There is some difference of opinion over whether it belongs to walk trough or next to the urethra. The original goal was an initiation rite in the Dayaks, in order to give the woman more satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Refusal to get the ampallang placed could be a reason for separation. The origin is Indonesia, especially Borneo and Celebes. As a jewelry generally one chooses for a straight barbell, with enough space to cope with erections. The final length of the piece of jewelery is dependent on the anatomy. The thickness of the piece of jewelry is usually between 1.6 mm and 2.5 mm in.



This not very old piercing is developed in North America, as a kind of replacement of the foreskin, which usually gets cut off due to the prevailing circumcision will. It´s usually placed in pairs along the edge of the glans in places where the glans rim protrudes enough to be pierced. As a piece of jewelery is usually chosen for a slightly curved barbell having a thickness of 1.6 mm. In some cases a thicker piece of jewelry can be selected. However, this is entirely dependent on the anatomy. The length of the rod should allow enough space for erections to cope. The healing time is around 3-6 months or longer.

Penis and lower:
Pubic piercing:This piercing is placed mostly horizontally just above the penis in the pubic area, it´s a kind of male version of the christina. You won´t feel more pleasure out of it but it looks nice. The chance of growing out of the skin is quite large, especially if there is a lot of fat is at that spot since that provides little support to the piercing. The healing time for this is also around the 6-9maanden.


Foreskin piercing: The foreskin piercing goes, as the name says, trough the foreskin of the penis.


Piercing the can principally placed anywhere in the skin, but it is advisable to take account of extensions or any other, already done piercings in connection with the withdrawal of the foreskin. Besides, the also extremely flexible and agile character of the foreskin is a extra thing to focus for the final placement and size of the ornament. The origin lies in Burma, where the double version is known as ‘utan’, and used as a kind of chastity-thing, because the foreskin can then be sealed this way in order to make the satisfaction difficult or impossible. Healingtime of this piercing is around 2-4 months.

Frenum piercing:
It is a European piercing that heals quickly and is called frenum after its placement although it can also been placed lower (or more, you get a frenum-ladder).


In general, immediately after the piercing one chooses a straight or slightly curved barbell with a thickness of 2 mm or 2.5 mm. However, jewelry as circular barbells or ball closure rings, are also used just as jewelry with a thickness of 1.6 mm. A thinner piece of jewelery is generally not recommended, due to the chance of the jewelry cutting in the pierced tissue. The healing time is about 2-4 months.

Guiche: The origin of the Guiche must be sought on the islands in the South Pacific. They pinched a hole through the raphe, an seam-like skin fold from the frenum, over the penis and scrotum on tho the anus. This hole was then pierced with a leather strap, luckily today we use rings and barbells. The guichepiercing is placed horizontally in the perineum, the tissue of the back of the scrotum towards the anus. By nature, here is typically a small peripheral tissue present which can be pierced without too much difficulty. As said above rings or barbells are used here, but it’s important to take account for the mobility of the area and clothing. An oversized jewelry can cause irritation. The thickness of the jewelery is typically 2 mm or 2.5 mm. If a different size is possible should be discussed with the piercer. Often these rings get weighted with weights, this usually stimulates erotic sensitive area. The healing time is about 3-6 months, sometimes longer.

This scrotum piercing can generally be put in various places. It is hereby in any case important for the skin to the desired position can correctly be squeezed and that there is sufficient tissue present to be pierced.


In most cases, one will choose for a loose-fitting ring, circular, or possibly a slightly curved barbell. It is important that the jewelry has sufficient space for erections and the reaction of the surrounding tissue of the scrotum to temperature fluctuations. A too tight jewelry can crush the tissue in such situations and thus provide complications. The thickness of the piece of jewelery is typically 2 mm or 2.5 mm. A different size must be dicussed with the piercer before placing.

It is also possible to place pearls or balls under the skin of your penis, this would provide more stimulation. I’ve ever seen one once when I was with a friend but on that guy it looked totally stupi. The beads varied in size and color (white and black). We laughed about it, but later I learned of her positive things about the feeling it gave.

To the men who have one or more: Please share your story about your experiences and pleasure. We are very curious to hear more about this!

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  1. My guy just got a PA piercing a few months ago. Our purpose is for male chastity play. I have kept him locked up for a few months, but as he got more and more sexually frustrated and desperate for release, I started to realize that our chastity device wasn't secure enough. Now with the PA we can lock the tip of his cock into the depths of the cage and he has no hope of pulling out. I have him just where I want him. I feel so much better now that I can tease him to the breaking point and he can't do a thing about it. He can kiss those orgasms goodbye.

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