Interview: The biggest penis of the Netherlands!

At that times I didn’t know I had to do with the guy with the biggest dick of the Netherlands (as far as I know). 

Ofcourse I had to share this with all of you so I had to arrange an interview with him, which happened! So read more to learn everything about it and to see the pictures of the man with the 28cm dick!

First of all I want to say thank you!! to our guy, and let him know how much I like getting the honor to interview him for my humble blog!! Now on to the questions!

How big is your penis in limp and hard condition?
It’s 19cm limp and 28cm stiff with an girth of 15cm. To compare, I’m 1.70m tall.

How old were you when you noticed a difference with others?
Since I also got to see the other in the shower after sports somewhere on my 15th I think.

When did your penis start to grow?
Since mn 12th he started to grow.

When was he fully grown?
The growing didn’t stop until long ago,  because the thickness grew longer than the length. So I think around  my 22nd.

Did you consult any doctors before it and if so what did that say?
No, I don’t have insurmountable problems. So I haven’t gone to any doctors.

To what extent does it influence your daily life?
I obviously do not buy tight trousers they are also not nice on me anyway. Regarding boxers is a problem, because he almost always hangs out. But you get used to that automatically. In the pool it occurs people stare since you can see the contours quite clear. And as for sports men do not really make comment or laugh about it, but you see occasionally someone stare.
I do not like to use a public toilet (urinal), since I can not pee when someone is next to me, so in that respect I have never had comments as well.

Do you experience physical problems from it?
That is all very relatively, naturally I feel him occasionally swinging along my leg, but I can not call it a real burden. I can sleep on my limp dick haha. Of course I also got used to it.
To what extent are you open about it?
I don’t brag about it, so many people I hang out with a lot probably will not even know it. But an interview with you I find no problem. Even if asked I will answer, and deny nothing.
Do you ever show him?
I have sometimes done so, and usually the limp dick is enough to convince anyone. On holiday I ever went to a nude beach and sauna, so I’m not deliberately hiding him or something.
How do you deal with it?
I am a left carrier, if that’s what you meant haha. Furthermore I don’t do anything special.
What are the reactions you get on it, from men and women?
Men who happen to see him in the shower after sports I never heared about it. Perhaps is it not really something you discuss that easy.
Women do comment on it, but it’s never offensive.
How do women respond and how do you prepare them for it in terms of sex?
Usually when I sleep with a girl they know in advance what to expect. Yet I still see amazement 9 out of 10 times in their eyes at the moment they see him.

Has a woman ever turned you down because of it?
There was this one time at band camp- hahaha no kidding. There was only one woman who, after I pulled him out of my pants, said I can not handle this. But it only happened once.

So how do you experience sex, let’s start with oral sex?
As for oral sex, there is certainly no one who could deepthroat me. But otherwise it’s no problem for the lady in question to give me a BJ.

Can you give yourself a BJ?
Indeed I can.

And how is normal sex, so penetration? Do you make it all the way in?
That is totally depended on the woman, often it happens that I can’t go too deep, but only about halfway. But if a girl is really wet it can work though.

Do you also practice anal sex? And how is that?
I have had anal sex a few times, when the girl was into it. This has the advantage that I can push further through because I do not get stopped by the cervix mouth like in vaginal sex.

Can you use condoms?
Not really, the biggest ones available still only reach until the middle of my penis.

What if sex doesn’t work or do you deal differently with sex?
Getting stiff  is something harder than with most men and if the sex doesn’t completely work I just have to stub a little less deep, like half of my penis. A few times I used some lubricant bit it has never happened that the sex totally failed.

How is getting an orgasm different for you?
It seems that I come some more as average men. There are usually about 10 shocks of semen.

Do you hit on girls differently because of it?
It occurs occasionally that a girl wants to sleep with me purely because of my dick. But I myself never put so much emphasis on it,  if it comes to hitting on girls I am just a standard man.

Are you planning on getting more attention for it or to work with it?
I have never given attention to whether I would have the largest in the Netherlands, I actually do not necessarily want to know. And I have done one pornmovie before … Maybe it will happen more often…

What is the craziest thing that ever happened?
Sometimes I find pictures of my dick on the internet, with other men who claim that it’s their picture. Or people on social media create a profile with my pictures. Probably this is done simply out of jealousy so I try to see it as a compliment.

And for anyone who was curious, the photo’s in full glory!:

I just want to underline that all rights, photos and information from this article belong to me! Copying this is NOT allowed!! If you want to know more about it you can leave a comment or contact me. 

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