Insemination gone wrong

“I thought I would go crazy.. It seemed like something just punched me in my face. This only happened in movies, right? I didn’t have a response.. although.. I had one: “well.. can happen”. subsequently I’m thinking.. I didn’t know how to behave, I was overcome with grief. And what would that other woman have to go trough?”

In an anonymous member the artificial insemination went so wrong, it not only concerned her and her husband, but also another couple. Read more for her gripping story.

My husband and I have a relationship from over 16 years. We met each other at a very young age and instantly fell in love. Since 2 years we are happily married. I’m not saying that everything is moonlight and roses, but we do our best to make each other happy.
About seven years ago we got a childwish and since then I stopped taking the pill. Given that I couldn’t get pregnant, my gynecologist advised me to get my Fallopian tube sprayed out. This is what I did and yes … 2 weeks later I was pregnant. When we got our first ultrasound it showed that the embryo had stopped growing and that I could expect a miscarriage. After finally getting pills, I got my miscarriage. The bizarre thing was that my godson was born 3 hours later. An strange experience that was.

A few months later I was told that my sister was pregnant. This I understood even less because they are not exactly in a situation where it is desirable. She knew that boy for just!?! 2 months. Then I was told that my sister and 3 nieces were pregnant. Although you still want to be happy for them, a feeling of jealousy came over me. I just could not help it.

My husband got an investigation to see if his seed was okay, but that was very well. My gynecologist suggested last month to start with IUI. That is artificial insemination. I got 5 Clomid pills with which I need to begin from day 3 of my menstruation. On day 12 there was an echo to see if my eggs were ripe. There was one egg to see. I had to wait a few days and than they would check again. If the egg had become greater than I would get an injection with Ovitrell to generate my ovulation. When they did the ultrasound we saw clearly 2 eggs and my body had already started to ovulate. All over the moon we were … We indeed had a chance of getting twins!!!

The next day my husband had to return his seed and 3 hours later I would be inseminated. At 10.45 we had the appointment. We waited and waited …. An hour later we were invited inside and the doctor told us that a major disaster had happened. The lady who would inseminate me confirmed this and responded very nervous. Next, the doctor told us: “We have accidentally inserted the seed of your husband in another woman.”

“I thought I would go crazy.. It seemed like something just punched me in my face. This only happened in movies, right? I didn’t have a response.. although.. I had one: “well.. can happen”. subsequently I’m thinking.. I didn’t know how to behave, I was overcome with grief. And what would that other woman have to go trough?”
The first reaction of my man was to ask if lady was planing to end the conception. The doctor told us that she was also present there with her husband, and that she would start taking the morning-after-pill.

How did this happen? The lady who would inseminate me had ‘forgotten’ about me. She assumed she only had to do one insemination that day and took a random jar without checking the label. My husbands name was on it. The other couple even saw the name, but assumed it was the name of one of the doctors. They had signed their papers and left homewards. It was then when the nurse became aware that the name on the jar was from the appointment 30minutes later!! Even if you go for blood tests they check your ID thoroughly! No… One would just on its own initiative inseminate some semen in women without checking the labels!!

There are so many things running through your mind. I was and still am very emotional about this .. There is also a very nice and intimate moment stolen from you. What if they had learned much later. What if it was a very religious lady who had been against the morning after pill? What if … you can go on for hours. Another bad thing which this also brings with it, what if I´m pregnant, will the child be really mine? It’s just a traumatic experience.

I’ll try to see it from a funny side in the sense of; the seeds of my husband became little martyr who have been sacrificed for the greater good. Al least because of this situation there is a very small change this will ever happen again at that hospital. Well, just trying to make the best of it.

I thought finally some positive things would happen for me. I’ve had quite a few things going on lately. Business is an unwise pressure on my shoulders. Private I have a lot to endure. Not just lately .. more my whole life.

What I am holding to is the fact that I have a man who every day tells me how much he loves me and that I am blessed with many friends. But sometimes I wonder and ask myself, why won’t things go in a normal way in my life? Why has my life so many contradictions? Sure, I could always get worse, I am also a star in setting things in perspective and I am just a person with positive thoughts, with zen moments and respect for everything and everybody. But at this moment I feel just really fucked up and I think today is a moment where I earned to say … I did not deserve this.

I’m also not going to press charges before the Disciplinary Board. The other woman is already doing that. I just want this as quickly as possible behind me.

On to the next attempt next month.

Thanks for reading ….

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