HTS?: Survive your (first) holiday together!

Are you sometimes wondering How To Survive your (first) holiday together? ‘Cause it sounds very nice and romantic and everybody will tell you the sex will be more and better and so on. 

But how often do you hear about the fights and even break-ups during/after the holiday? Some couples even go on separate holidays to prevent this. 

Luckily for you I did some research to make you survive your holiday, even better, how to make it the best holiday ever!  

Please keep in mind that regarding my audience I will focus on non-children couples. 

1. Talk about your expectations!
The word holiday has been dropped and while you are dreaming about bounty island beaches and colorful cocktails he is with his head in the mountains hanging on robes. Oops..
Talk about what you expect from a holiday before you decide anything. While one wants to do as less as possible the other wants to go sightseeing everything there is to see. Do you want to sleep long or get up early and have a siesta before you go out? Are there things you definitely need to see or do you not care about the environment that much? Do you want to go for 14 days or is a midweek enough for you?
These are all things you have to discuss together before booking. So get comfy behind your computers and prevent fights in this way.

If you can’t work everything out together it’s not a really big problem. Going on a holiday together doesn’t mean you have to be together 24/7, it’s okay to split up a few hours in a week 😉

2. Check your bank accounts!
Make sure to discuss the costs and possibilities also before you book anything. Specially if you are not that long a couple you don’t know how much the other can spend, but it is important to be open about it. Go for the obvious things like the trip, transport at the destiny, the hotel and the food. You could also ‘make a pot’ like we say in Dutch. Putting money together for common expenses. This will already solve a lot.
Regarding the flight there are more than enough companies with last-minutes and instead of a hotel you could choose a hostel or bed-and-breakfast. There are even websites where you can exchange houses or use peoples house.

Make sure you also have a emergency fund, so in case something unexpected happens you will have some extra money to rely on.

3. Check your papers!
Check your drivers license, you passport or ID-card to see if they are still valid and also valid for the country you want to go to. This happened to me, last week I found out my ID was not valid anymore and since it usually takes at least a week to get a new one I had to hurry for my holiday Wednesday.. Luckily they were much more fast and I got it within 4days, think about it, if you have to get a urgent order you have to pay extra and these are the holiday-times when suddenly everybody needs to go to the municipality…
Make sure you won’t get unexpected payments and don’t loose your cards. You don’t want to strand in a foreign country without money/cards! In most cases it’s also smart to find an travel insurance. You have to find out for yourself which one applies to your holiday.

~ Tips for Car holidays ~
Make sure your car is checked and in good condition! For more about it see here and here
A GPS-system can also solve a lot of fight, since women can’t read maps and men are to cocky to ask for directions. Prevent this bullshit by checking the maps before leaving and putting destinations in your GPS. In case you don’t own one there will be lot’s of family-members or friends who can borrow you one.
Don’t forget to take something to eat and drink with you, being in the (hot) car all day won’t make you happy and with a filled stomach it’s much better.

4. Pack your bags!
Keep an eye on what you are using in the two weeks before you go and list them. Start packing in time and keep account for different circumstances and your trip. Make sure to bring warm- and cold-weather clothes, sunscreen, a pair of walking shoes and find outfits you can easily spice up from casual to going out. This will stop you from bringing to much, because you want to keep some space for the souvenirs you might bring home.

~ Extra tip ~
Clean your home before leaving, nothing is more annoying than coming home to a mess. By cleaning before you leave you immediately can get comfy on your sofa after arriving home.
5. Take care of your animals!
You are going on a holiday and you won’t bring… The dog, cat, hamster (or in my case rats) a.s.o. Make sure you have a person to count on to take care of your animals. It’s more easy for a cat to be alone, for a dog it’s best to bring him to friends or a pension.
~ Extra tip ~ 
For some destinations it is smart to go to your GP for the necessary vaccinations and things like tablets against diarrhea for example. Vaccinations and such you can check here or here.
~ Extra important tip ~
Don’t put everything on Facebook/Twitter!! Less honest people also have accounts and oppurtunity makes the thief. After your holiday it’s still early enough to post everything and the people who really matter will know where you are without FB. Also during your holiday it’s not necessary to update your status a 100times. If you wanted to sit behind FB all day you might as well stayed at home!
6. Out together, in together! (Dutch saying)
If you want to go out, go together and agree about how much you will drink accounting on your planns for the day after. Earlier I noted you don’t have to do everything together but something like this is one of the things you should. Nothing more annoying than being with a drunk while you are sober.

7. Compromise!
Despite all the preparation and planning things will always be different than expected. Keep that in mind and see how to deal with it together. If you want to shop all day when he wants to surf you can either go separate all day or compromise and start your day with a fresh dive and then hit the stores, or end a hot day of walking in the city with a dive.

8. Enjoy the environment and each other!
This is the time to really have attention for each other and relight the flame of passion! But don’t bother other people with it, nothing more disgusting than a couple who can’t keep there hands of each other while children are making sandcastles next to them.

Thoughtful conversations are allowed, but don’t get into arguments with the idea, he/she cannot run away from what you are going to say. In case you do get into a fight about something talk about it! It’s really bad to ruin your holiday for something stupid like that.

~ Sexy Tip ~
It’s really nice to buy a surprise for each other. For her: Imagine his face when he finds you on the bed in a brand new set of lingerie… For him: A simple but beautiful piece of jewelry on your first diner out…
9. Devide the tasks!
If you book the hotel he reserves dinner, if you drive she makes the food and so on. Holiday preparation and managing shouldn’t come from one person.
10. Enjoy!
And take some pretty pictures. These keep the memory alive and deserve to be put in a nice frame.
Did you follow all steps? In that case, Have fun!!

In case you think I forgot about something please leave it in a comment here 😀

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