HowTo: make your girlfriend squirt + Video!

Almost everyone has ever heard about it and it can be seen in porn, what I am talking about ?

Squirting, squirting women, female ejaculation, whatever you want. A technique which can be learned with a lot of practice and patience. And I’m here to teach you 😉 

So, do you want to surprise your girlfriend? Or has she ever hinted about it? Learn here how to do it.
P.S. (single) women, you will also receive tips to try it yourself!
First I want to state some things which are very important.
Point 1. Patience is one of the most important things for a number of reasons. Not every woman manages to squirt while practicing for the first time, actually almost no woman. In addition, one may need more stimulation (ie, longer time) and impatience will always be noted, which puts pressure on your girlfriend so that they won’t be able to relax, and that takes us to point 2.
Item 2. Make sure your chick is relaxed. Only then will she have the courage to actually let go. Since there will occur a peeing feeling most women will get scared and won’t relax enough to let go, in this case you can forget about you basin.

Cut your nails!
Keep some towels close, just in case, and make your girl use the bathroom before you start. Make sure you both are relaxed, but horny, so make sure to do a proper foreplay, in most women it’ll help if they already had an orgasm. In this case the G-spot is already swollen and much more sensitive to stimulation.

There are a few positions possible, As woman you can sit on your knees or lie on your back, as long as you as man can reach her easily, so without having to bend your arm in impossible positions. Besides this, you also need to keep the option open for your other hand, to press her belly (she can also do this).

Getting started

In my example, I’m going to just assume that your girlfriend is on her back on the bed. If it’s good you’re both relaxed and quite horny, Make sure you are seated between her legs or next to her and insert (if needed with lubrication) your middle- and ringfinger about 3-5cm in her, with your palm up. Lay your other hand on her pubis, you can use this hand to give some extra pressure while she gets

more close to coming.

If you feel up her vagina, to the side of her belly, you’ll feel a bit of a ribbed part, the G-spot.
Now make a ‘come here’ movement with your fingers and build the speed and pressure up as she gets more excited.
While she gets more close to squirting/coming she won’t be able to lie still anymore and get a peeing sensation. Most women will stop at this point, scared they will pee an not being able to let go, make sure she stays relaxed, if really needed she can use the bathroom again, just to make sure. After that you can pick up where you left.
Anyway, the more close you will come, the more faster your movements need to be and the more pressure is required, so make sure you push enough with your other hand on her belly and with your fingers and that’s it. As soon as she gives over to the sensation and looses control she will be able to squirt. For one it is more intense than for others.

Are you trying for some time now, but is it not enough? Try stimulating her clitoris while you are fingering her, she could also try to do this herself.

In case your girlfriend has a real hard time putting her mind off the peeing sensation, use the shower or bath, most of the times this will take the fear away.

One last thing to make clear, although having an orgasm and squirting usually appear at the same time, it is not the same. Both can occur independently, just as it can in men.

For the single ladies who have read this article and want to try it for themselves, buy/use a G-spot vibrator, since the angle you’ll be needing will be almost impossible to make for yourself and to maintain, keep your other hand on your pubis to give more pressure and enjoy yourself!

Somewhere on the internet I found the next step:

Ejaculating during intercourse:
“The best position is the one where the girl is seated on the man, 
facing each other. The man pulls hip his legs, so she can hold onto his knees. 
Push your left hand against her pubis and your right to her bottom. 
Now slide the woman with short, firm movements back and forth 
over your penis until she comes. It needs practice but it does work!
In case you have tips let me know!

Wikipedia about Female Ejaculation
The man in this  example will show you how to do it: NSFW/Porn!!!

So, who’s gonna try? 😀
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1 thought on “HowTo: make your girlfriend squirt + Video!

  1. Yes, the information is perfect and explicitly clear which shows and tells how to have squirting. I have also searched the squirting event before, that's very interesting, staggering. Besides it gives extremely pleasure to your girlfriend as long as you stimulate her G-spot and clitoris simultaneously so double pleasure will emerge the sudden squirting event. Meanwhile, lots of the women say that it wasn't very easy as people supposed so there are some required techniques exist in order to have squirting. Anyway, I personally tried it to stimulate my ex-girlfriend (now we're different, we had left) and I achieved it really!.. Just knowing how to stimulate G-point is enough for having squirt. As we definitely know, squirting is type of woman ejaculation but it is not as same as leak. If you rub your vagina or finger your vaginal opening, enjoy liquid fluids to outside. Shedding of pleasure liquid shows the orgasm us. But having squirt is not easily. It has some sensitive tactics. To illustrate, you should make sure if your girlfriend's bladder was empty and touch the G-spot with your long finger, and rub your clitoris simultaneously. If you can do it o the right way, squirting will be very easy. In short, it has some details and elaborates. I am sure that everyone can achieve it if they really want to do it… 🙂

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