Howto: Get tastier sperm!

You’ve probably read how to give the perfect blowjob and then you have to decide, are you going to let him come into your mouth or not?

Well, I did point out the 6 reasons why swallowing would be a good (healthy) idea, but let’s be honest, it’s no chocolat sauce, right?

But it doens’t have to be badtasting! So men, if you want your girls (or boy) to swallow from now on (or for you girls, to make your BF taste better):

  • Drinking (sweet) fruit juices instead of soda, like pineapplejuice in particular!
  • Eating fruit (pineapple / peach / strawberry / etc)
  • Leave spicy food
  • Healthy eating: vegetables, pasta and stuff like that
  • Not too many fish, or (red) meat
  • No bitter foods/drinks such as coffee or Aspergers
  • Sport a lot, as a general health is also better
  • So little alcohol, and certainly not too much yeast-containing drinks such as beer
  • And also smoke less!
  • And much dairy products would help, I heard recently especially strawberry yogurt.

It is important to keep this up, since there are many options you can do this daily to get the best results out of it. Are you going out for a night, drinking and smoking a lot? Than eat the day after chicken with vegetables and fresh pineapple after to compensate!

P.s. These tips work also for girls to make your vaginal fluids more sweet!

P.p.s. Can you swallow him whole?

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