How to: Get a kiss on the first date

It may seem a little strange to have an subject like this between all other I already had here, still a first kiss isn’t as easy as it may seem. It’s still a bit hard, cause who has to start? And how can you be sure the other wants to kiss? 

It is still considered a big rejection if one turns his head away. But even if both want to kiss it still can go wrong in many ways, like kisses landing on mouthedges, cheeks, ears or even in the air. 

In short, the perfect first kiss still needs attention and preparation so hereby my tips to get your first kiss perfect!

1. Relax.
Do not feel obligated to kiss on the first date. Not every woman wants to be kissed and can take this as a sign that you want to take things too fast too far.
Feel the situation in this regard. If you’ve had a little more body contact in the course of the date and some moments of a particular eyecontact you have more chance that she will be open to kiss, then when there is still a considerable distance between you.2. Create the moment
A first kiss will take place much earlier when you are alone than in a public environment. So make sure to create this moment by for example, taking a walk after a dinner or take the car for a ride. Provide a quiet, relaxing conversation at that moment. Kissing her in the middle of a laughter will surprise/scare her.

3. Create some bodycontact
For example: Put your arm around her, hold her hand, lay your hand on her thigh, whatever. Her respons to this (leaning in to it, remain the same or pull away from you) will give you the information about where she stands at that point of the date.

4. Look into her eyes and compliment her/say something sweet

By making eyecontact and her respons to this you can tell if your kiss will be a succes or not. If she looks away she probably doesn’t dare of doesn’t want to kiss. In both cases, for get it, she is not ready. Does she look you back in the eyes and/or smiles? Than she is more likely to be open for your kiss.5. Lean toward her, but don’t go all the way in.
If this kiss is going to happen, this is the perfect lead-in. If you have connected with her, she only has to lean in and your lips are there. On the other hand, if she pulls away when you lean close, then the feeling is not mutual. Keep in mind that this does not mean she’s not interested in you. She may not be comfortable kissing on the first date. Just laugh about it together, be patient and follow these same steps next time.

6. Take it slow!
If you succeed, congratulations! Start smoothly and keep the first kiss short. There will be, if all went well, more to come and this again will show you don’t want to rush things.

A kiss on the first date with the right girl may mean you will never have another first kiss since it could lead into a memorable and lasting relationship. Use these tips to ensure that your special kiss will be remembered as the best part of your perfect first date.

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