How to: The fastest way to get pregnant

Getting pregnant isn’t as easy as it may seem with all the teenpregnancies lately. Both hers and his body are provided with some tricks to get pregnant more easily. Read here 6 tips to increase your chance of getting a baby!

“To get pregnant the male orgasm and the right days of the ovulation are a must. But also the woman getting a orgasm, the steaminess and spontaneity of the sex and the amount of sex a week determine how fast you get your baby. Nature didn’t make these things up without a reason….. 

1. The wetter the pussy, the better!
If a woman is aroused she distinguishes vaginal moisture. A moist vagina makes it easier for sperm to swim to the egg. Do not use lubricant if it is not necessary. Many resources are having a spermicidal effect. There are lubricants on the market that increase the moisture, acidity and oxygen content of the vagina, which helps getting ‘pregnant fast’.

2. Make sure the lady gets her orgasm!
It goes without saying that the whole festival is canceled when the man does not cum. The male orgasm and thus ejaculation is after all necessary for fertilization. That the female orgasm is also conducive to get pregnant fast, is not as well known. A female orgasm causes the uterus to contract and propel sperm toward the egg. The uterus catchess usually about 65% of the male seed. Through an orgasm it will be more likely. The contraction gives an additional impetus to the sperm so the sperm cells are more likely to fertilize the egg.

3. Have good sex!
Hot, exciting sex sessions (also called gourmet sex) are the ideal fertility boosts to both the egg and the male sperm. This appears from a British study.
Excitement increases the chances of fertilization. The longer a man is aroused before the ejaculation occurs, the better the quality of the semen. The longer a woman is aroused, the “wetter” it is and the easier the semen can move (see 1). In short: if you quickly want to become pregnant, you must have good, exciting sex!

4. Do it 3 or 4 times a week!
How frequently you have sex plays an important role in getting pregnant fast. The quality of male sperm cells is usually best if there are not too much, but also not too little ejaculations . Every 2 to 3 days sex is a good starting point. This shall make sure seed is refreshed often enough and there is enough time to create good seed. If you have sex  every 2 or 3 days, chances that you’ll get pregnant soon increase.

5. Keep your balls cool!
Warm testicles make spermatozoids slow. It is therefore important for a man to not wear tight, and thus warm pants. It is also important that the material for ‘the descendants’ is fresh and thus breathes. It is a recommendation for men to first masturbate and ejaculate before they go for the real deal.

6. Be old fashioned and do it missionary!
It does sound outdated, but the missionary position is still thé position for fertilization. The woman lies on her back with her legs apart, knees bent and feet on the bed. The man lies on top facing her. The woman lies in that way that the vagina is thus directed downward, so the semen moves easier towards the cervix.

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