DIY: Home-made sextoys

Again it’s weekend and of course you want to have a nice evening. Sometimes you want to go out or visit friends, the other you want to be comfy with your partner at the sofa. 

But it may very well be that you are single and in the mood. So in this case you can get your mega-Tarzan from under your bed and start pleasing yourself, but what if you don’t have one? 

From now on that’s not an excuse anymore to not have fun, cause I’m going to show you which stuff in and around the house you can use for some quality me-time.

Preliminary note : Everything women can use is also suitable for men who like anal stimulation.

We all know the jokes about cucumbers and bananas, but in every joke is a kernel of truth. In fact you open your fridge / freezer and just pull out pretty much everything to use. The rule you should keep in mind this as follows: Everything smooth, hard, somewhat flexible and not easily breakable and which can be wrapped in a condom is good*. And also in your sink cabinet are useful things, especially for men.

For her: Cucumbers, bananas, carrots (although the condom may break), pickles, liquid butter bottles, Heinz ketchup bottles etc etc. You couldn’t name it and of course you determine the size and thickness at this point. If you’d like to insert little things such as grapes etc, put them in a thick condom and tie a string around it to make sure that everything that goes in also comes out.
For him: Depending on what you want, you can stimulate your prostate with the same things as I already described for the ladies or hollow a cucumber. If you want to take jerking off to a higher level you could try that with olive oil and relatives. In addition, you also can put two wet, hot sponges in a mug, put a plastic bag in between and squirt some lube in it. To make a Fleshlight from a Pringles-box to make you look here(Dutch).
For together: Honey, chocolate paste, yogurt, cream, marmalade and all the other things that you can smear can be very nice to munge with together. What did you think about for example licking different things off each other, blindfolded? Provides tension, and is surprising and sexy. Please note that if you get to much stuff else in your vagina you are going to have to visit your GP the Monday after because of a fungal infection. In addition, playing with ice cubes can also be very stimulating, just change spots fast enough to avoid frostbite!
Who said playing with food was not allowed? Have fun!
For him and her: Forgot your groceries and nothing left in the kitchen? Then check if you still have some candles in your closet which you can use with a condom. This also makes it a lot more fun buying them. Try paying for these, while your thoughts are already at home in bed and without smiling awkwardly at the cashier!
It can also be nice to try the prone position , rubbing back and forth with your penis or vagina in or against a pillow. But make sure to not make this a habit! It is a know phenomenon that (mainly boys who just hit puberty) one gets used to this easily which makes coming in normal way very hard. In addition, there are burns caused by an excessively long, rough friction. More about that here.For together: If you want him a bit deeper or change the angle you are using, use the pillows and arm of the sofa. For the ladies: kneel on a pile of pillows or put a few under your butt.

Watched a movie together and bored now? Grab the remote and see a porn movie together.

For him: The same idea as in the kitchen with the sponges only now using a rolled towel with a bag in the middle.

For him and her: Making yourself ready for bed in the bathroom and what do you do? Precisely brushing your teeth. But you can also use this electric toothbrush over thére. There are even specially designed pieces available for such purposes.
And what about deodorant cans or hairbrushes? Preferably an empty one and with the bottom up inserted. And for the ladies: the good old shower head is still high at the top of the favorites list.

For her and together: Go do your laundry and sit on your washing-machine when it centrifuges while you play yourself, this is also nice during sex.
Or use the Shower-curtain to have an oil-wrestling. Take it of the curtain rod and place it either in the bathroom or bedroom and find some massaging or baby-oil.

For her: How about your curling iron? They usually have a nice size although they are not very flexible. Remember, it now DOESN’T have to be in the socket.

For together: Scarves, neckties, etc. are fun for bondage games or blindfolding.
There are also many applications downloadable to transform your smartphone into a vibrator.

Garden and around the house
For him and her: The gearshift of the car, a screwdriver with a large handle, or marbles may provide a nice solution here.

If you know something to add let me know!

Things you should definitely avoid:
– Breadsticks, eggs and such, they break fast.
– Pencils and pens.
– (Wine) glasses (think one guy one jar), unless the thick glass or light bulbs.
– Bottles cleaning-stuff, if something is spilled on the outside it may affected the condom plus if something unexpectedly goes wrong, you certainly do not want that shit in you!
– All the small things that are not really round or contain sharp edges, because you want to know that things come back out…
– Do not use ice cream or frozen sausages, also because of the frostbite risk. It should go well enough if you keep moving and no longer than a few seconds keep it in the same place but I think it’s best if you are more careful with your private parts.
– Just use your mind a bit. Things must be clean and free from sharp edges or protrusions or toxic liquids and keep account of electricity.

* If you’re found something like carrots or candles that contain somewhat sharper edges, roll it into a piece of fabric and then put a condom / freezer bag tightly around it.

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