How to: Girls on top!

What shows more girlpower than sitting on top during sex? You are the one who pulls the strings , increase your chances of getting an orgasm and giving him a great view. What more can you want?

It was quite hard to find the right positions and its names to I adjusted them the way came out for me. If the positions are clear they don’t need names right? So hereby a few positions which give you and him that big ‘O’.

Cow girl: (G-spot + clitstimulation)

I think this is the most know position. He is lying on his back on the bed and you kneel over him facing him. He can hold you hips to support you if needed.
In this way you can make different movements. If you like it calm, move your hips in a Circle or move up and down. This is a sensual movement which gives him a beautiful view/ By leaning backwards he touches your G-spot and with his hand he can reach to your clitoris to give you just that little bit extra.
Wanna go faster? lean forwards or ly on his chest and support your self on his shoulders. You can do this by making your arms go under his armpits and grabbing his shoulders like that. In this way you can also rub your clitoris to his pubis to make yourself climax easier.
Rather lazy than tired? Sit on him but make yourself hang a bit, he move his hips up and down by placing his feet on the bed which makes him fuck you instead of the other way around. This can be very intense.

Squatting cowgirl (G-spot + clitstimulation) 

Instead of sitting on your knees on him, you squad and lower yourself over his dick. It takes a lot of strength in your legs, so it’s better to start with this and than change it to the normal cowgirl position. Hold his shoulders to support yourself and let him hold you hips or ass to support you. In this position he can also reach you clitoris and you yourself can make him touch your G-spot.


Reverse cowgirl (G-spot stimulation)

The idea is the same as the normal cowgirl, only you’re not facing him but facing his feet while you kneel over him. By holding his ankles/lower legs you can keep yourself in balance. You can decide about the rhythm and you give him a great view because he can see how he slides in and out of you. You can see this yourself by looking back under your belly.
There are more variations of this position as leaning on your feet which makes you squad over him again (see figure reverse cowgirl2). Personally I like the following variation. Make him sit, with his legs together and stretched, on a low chair or sofa. Sit over him facing his feet and bend deeply towards the floor. For this position you have to use your ass and hips to create the kind of bouncing movement. The fact he is sitting on a sofa makes him relaxed, he doesn’t have to do anything and he has an even better view than when he is lying flat on the bed.
A variation, which I called crazy reverse cowgirl for the convenience (image under) is very strange. In this position he is holding his legs straight up in the air while you are placing between his leg. Only when he is in you he can lower his legs. You have to practise a lot to make this work. A advantage is the fact you can play with yourself while he is making the effort.


Side saddled cowgirl
Personally I really hate this position. You have to search for your support and if you are to wild you will drop. Many sites say it would lead to the ultimate pleasure for both of you. Maybe beause he is not entering you that often in this way. So for the ones who think it would be nice: Support yourself on his belly/chest and knee. The best would be if you are leaning a bit backwards and placing your hands also diagonally behind you. He can help you balance by lying still and supporting you upper legs and lowerback if needed. What he could do is putting a few pillows under his head and back so he can hold you more easy. By holding your legs together you give him the idea your vagina is more tight.
Missionary but different (clitstimulation)

Hereby not you, but he is lying bottom, with his legs a bit spread, his knees bended and his feet on the bed. In this way he can move his hips up and down when you are lying on your back on top of him, with you head next to his. Your legs are over his in the same position which gives him a freedom to move. Because you hold the same position you can hang your hips a bit above him while you use your back to push yourself away from his chest. In the meanwhile he has his hands free to play with your boobs and finger you at the same time he is fucking you. With a bit of practise you can come at the same time. Besides that, the more hollow your back, the deeper he will come.

The lotus (G-spot stimulation)
This also knows many variations. The most know is the ordinairy lotus. He is sitting ‘legged’ and you sit over him. You can use your feet and arms to support you and to make movements while he supports your hips.
It’s a calm and intimate positions in which you have lots of contact, you’re able to kiss and look at each other.
A variation is the one where you both lean backwards on your hands. In this you have to tune in on each other and he has to keep you balanced in his lap.
A more extreme variation is the one in which you lie your feet on his shoulders from the position on the image. In this way he has to do all the effort while you can enjoy the feeling of his penis inside of you, against your G-spot. He has a magnificent view on every emotion and respond from you to his movements. This makes up for all the effort he has to put in it 😉
Do you want something uncommon?

Go sit on his face when he wants to eat your pussy. This shows a lot of trust from you in him and is a whole new experience for you as well. Put a pillow under his head and be careful you wont sag trough your legs when you come…

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