Fight vaginal dryness

According to Dutch study, 56 percent of women sometimes suffer from vaginal dryness during sex and another 13 percent are experiencing regular problems with it.

Vaginal dryness can occur in women of all ages, most symptoms are, irritation of the vagina, such as itching, burning and / or stinging, pain during intercourse and urination, and sometimes suffer from an unpleasant odor.
Fortunately, there are some things that can help to prevent vaginal dryness as this will not go away by itself. One of the best solutions? Sex!Causes: 
Estimated ten to forty percent of postmenopausal women experience vaginal dryness, irritation, itching, or pain during sex. That’s because your body after the transition produces much less estrogen, the hormones that are responsible for blood flow and wetting your vagina.

Some diseases and medications can also cause symptoms of vaginal dryness. Certain diseases involving vaginal dryness are for example diabetes, endometriosis and kidney disease.

But it could also be because you smoke, take medication for allergies and colds, or certain antidepressants. Furthermore, your estrogen levels decline with an autoimmune disease, when your ovaries have been removed, or due to radiation or chemotherapy on your ovaries. Even after childbirth or breastfeeding, you can suffer from vaginal dryness because your whole hormone system in an uproar. This requires about 9 months to recover.

Finally, it could be that you simply do not take enough time to warm up. Often this occurs when you last longer in a relationship and the sex is not coming out of pure lust. Or just because you’re too impatient and immediately pass on to the penetration.

Enough about the how and why, on to what you can do about it:

1 Sex, sex and even more sex…
The best protection against vaginal dryness is sex. If you have a regular sex life, you won´t be suffering from vaginal problems soon, becauseregular sex or masturbation keeps your vagina healthy. It is good for the condition of the mucous membranes; they are better blooded and firm.
Do you occasionally still vaginal dryness and pain during sex, then it does not even always come through hormonal changes. It can sometimes have more to do with the qualities you lover:  Research has shown that after the menopause women become physically as excited as before that time, as long as they get the right erotic stimuli. So make sure you turn each other on enough, and it also helps very much for the ladies to be first orally satisfied since having an orgasm makes you wetter!

2 Pelvic floor fitness
You can also promote the health of the vagina by training your pelvic floor muscles. These are the same muscles you use to stop urinating. By training them you improve the blood flow to your vagina, which improves the hydration. You could try using cone-exercises, about fifteen a day, tense your muscles for about 10 seconds (without using your belly- or butt muscles). Or you could try exercises from Tantra (which also improve your orgasms), there are many books about this.

3 Titillating ointments
When you only experience vaginal dryness during intercourse, a gel or lubrication on waterbase could also do the trick, think Durec or K-Y Gel or Sensilube.
New is Lubrin; a gel in a capsule which you insert before you are going to ahve sex. According to the pruducer the capsule will work up to six hours.

For all the above remedies is that they seem to do little harm unless you are allergic to any ingredient. Because there is no research on these products is published in scientific journals, however, it is a bit self-explanatory what pleases you.

4 Moisturize!
A less well known and absolutely safe remedy for persistent vaginal dryness is a vaginal moisturizer. Which does not contain hormones, the active ingredients are water and hyaluronic acid, and appears to be quite effective, according to research. The moisturizer fills the vaginal moisture constantly for days on, restores the elasticity of the vagina and ensures the correct acidity, so you are less likely to suffer from urinary tract infections. Such moisturizers (for clarity, a moisturizer is something other than a lubricant) are available in the Netherlands without a prescription at pharmacies and drug stores, or through the Internet.

Well scientifically researched vaginal moisturizers include Replens ® (three times a week insertion into the vagina using the applicator provided) and Premeno ® duo (day 1 ovule insertion during the first ten days, then one every 3 days).

5 Vaginal estrogen on prescription
If you keep suffering from a dry, irritated vagina, then you can use a vaginal estrogen cream or vaginal estrogen tablets.
That ensure recovery of the mucous membranes. What dosage form you choose depends on your personal preference. They are both equally effective: 80 to 90 percent of the women cure from all vaginal complaints and do not longer experience pain during sex. After a few weeks you would have to notice improvements. Depending on the severity of the symptoms that can, however, also take up to one and a half month.

Vaginal administration of low-dose estrogen would pose little risk, because they hardly get incorporated into the bloodstream. Although there is not yet good research has been done, long-term use also seems no problem. According to the official position of the authoritative North American Menopause Society (NAMS), you can use vaginal estrogen as long as necessary. Only women with a history of estrogen-sensitive cancers should consult their treating specialist before use. Only if you have a predisposition to thrombosis or suffer from unexplained vaginal bleeding, you’d better not use these products.
Whit vaginal estrogen you don’t need to use Progestin as you would need with other dosage forms of hormones but you do need a doctor’s prescription!


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