Everything about the designerpussy!

Here we go again, the misery about the designer-vagina is back. Newsarticles everywhere saying: ‘Women want a designer-vagina’, ‘Cutting the vagina: Cosmetics trend, but not without risks’, ‘Amount of women with a designer vagina increases explosively’ and many more.

Because of this I went on to investigate about the possibilities.

But not only that, I also investigated of it’s really necessary and if so, when.

Coincidence that today I was bored at the appie (Albert Heijn) and where I opened a Penthouse to come across the pictures below. It really surprised me to see a pussy like this in a magazine. Normally they are not often hairy, but a ‘flappycunt’ like this I had never seen in a magazine! On the contrary, a while back there was a report on TV about how people photoshopped these kind of pussies to tight child-slits, because that was ‘prettier’ or ‘cleaner’.

Because of this, women have no real idea of what shapes and sizes they actually do occur. But also the men are poorly informed and have certain expectations by all the porn that comes along. If you’re interested in learning more about shapes and sizes, I have already been described in my pussy-eating article.

Unfortunately, by this image more and more women get insecure about their vaginas causing them to go seek other solutions. Increasingly younger women seek refuge in plastic surgeons. Designerpussies are providing these last ones claws full of money. There are several surgeries that can be subjected to get a ‘perfect’ as possible vagina, which I will discuss with you.


The outer lips can be reduces, usually by a liposuction.
The most known is surely the correction of the inner labia, often called, labia minora which on itself causes confusion. For many women, these inner labia tab out from of a few millimeters to a few centimeters, or differ in format which can cause discomfort but especially is seen as not pretty. In a labiaplasty the excess tissue of the inner labia is removed. Together with the surgeon you can determine how much can be removed. Prices range from € 900 to € 2000 as far as I could find*.

The surgery
This surgery is usually done under local anesthesia, in which the excess skin will be excised. In addition, it is  possible to do it with a laser in which there is less chance of a scar.
After surgery, you are able go home, but you can not drive yourself. So make sure you take someone who can bring you home. You can experience some afterpains and/or have some swelling and bruising after &the correction labia.

Afterpains and Recovery
After an Labiaplasty a considerable swelling can occur. By directly cooling the treated area swelling will reduce. The average time before swelling will take of is after the third day. It is recommended for the first 4 days anyway to almost continuous cool. For this purpose put 2 tablespoons of frozen peas in a sandwich bag. Make sure you have this the day before the operation already done and to have good stock in the freezer. Tie a gauze around the sandwich bags with peas so the wound never directly be exposed to the frozen peas.
Also there may be bleeding. This may occur because not all blood vessels have been burned in the operation since the tissue is fragile and good blooded. If they would burn everything it could become black and die-off. If there is bleeding, do not worry. Take a rolled up towel and place it between your legs. Just sit a while without worrying about it. The bleeding will stop. The day after the surgery you can take a shower as usual. A (hot) bad is discouraged untill the sutures are gone, since this can reinforce the swelling.
The first week sitting down and the use of the toilet can be painful. Because the labia as well blooded, the wound heals very quickly.
The first week after surgery you are not allowed to make physically strenuous efforts and heavy lifting. After a week you can resume your daily activities. For the first 6 weeks is recommended to avoid sexual contact, not to cycle or sport and avoid unhygienic water(indoor pools, saunas).

Risks and Complications
As with most surgical procedures there is a risk of an allergic reaction to the anesthetic liquids, disinfectants or patches. There may also, in spite of the fact that sterile work is performed, come an infection. This risk is small, like 1-2%.
Sometimes there is an impaired wound healing or bleeding. The suture may tear through the swelling but do not worry about it. The wound will heal just a little slower. There are also small risks associated with anesthesia.
A specific risk in labiareduction is an asymmetric result. Symmetry is not guaranteed, if only by the fact that the starting situation is often not symmetrical.
There is also a source claiming that it is bad for you because anything can damage lots of thing, see here(Dutch).

Results and Scars?
Because the lips are well blooded, the wound heals very quickly. The skin is attached according to the best techniques, but what the final scar looks differs from person to person. Generally most women heal very well and there scar is not visible after a while.
For all scars it’s know that in the very first months it will be fiery (red) and will slowly becoming lighter. And scars can even years after surgery still change. However, usually after several months the scar healed nicely and is not, or hardly visible.

See here for a video about how a labia reduction is done.

Clithood reduction

This corresponds to the previous treatment, only this involves the skin over the clitoris, the clithood. This is not as common and prices are around € 1400.

Risks and ComplicationsHere there is a risk of loss of sensation because of nerve fibers to the clitoris can be cut.

Labia enlargement

This is for when you want fuller lips. Aging or weight losscan cause loss of the fullness of the outer labia or the vagina. And also inturned labia can be corrected. Both with Bio-alcamid or body fat with a € 1475 before 5cc.

The surgery
The operation is under intravenous sedation or local anesthesia and takes about an hour. In this hour they will inject either the body fat or the bio-alcamid in different spots in you labia.

Afterpains and Recovery
Since it comes to injections which don’t cause wounds, there is very little pain. As far as I could find you can have sex again after 2 weeks, so it will recover fairly smoothly.

Results and scars?
The results of the injection of body fat are often unpredictable and a repeat treatment is usually recommended. Rejection of the fat and irregularities can occur.
Filling with Bio-Alcamid, a permanent filler based on hydrogel, gives less chance of complications and is better predictable.

In addition, you also have a liposuction and/or lift of your pubic mound. These are pretty heavy surgery if you ask me. Prices that are between €1400 – €5000. Anyway, if you had it all, you have in terms of the seeing-part surely a designerpussy, unless you first need some bleaching as well..

So we had the seeing-part, now what? Then you get the feeling-part. Cause you have to be tight as well. So to get this you can rejuvenate(€6950) and narrow(€4850) your vagina. And for the women who want to be really young, you can even get your hymen reconstructed (ducth link)!

Hymen reconstruction

Which costs between € 1800 and € 2475, depending on what you want. Indeed, there are a few possibilities in this:
* Easy recovery
Restoring the hymen consists of bringing together the remnants of the hymenresten as short as possible before the sex act. It is a simple procedure that approximately 3 to 7 days before the wedding has to happen. This procedure is well tolerated under local anesthesia.
* Alloplant
A ‘tear-through’ bio-material will be inserted. This is also a temporary measure, usually done close tot he wedding.
* Vaginoplasty
This is a “major operation” in which in the vaginal epithelium (mucosal) around an incision (cut) is made and both sides be fastened together. This should be done on time before the sexual act / wedding night, so the wound can recover first.
The procedure done under intravenous sedation and is a day treatment. It takes one to two hours, and patients can return to work the next day. The stitches are dissolvable.

But is this really necessary?Keep in mind that your labia are part of the erogenous zone in women, they swell during sexual arousal which has a stimulating effect during sexual intercourse. Besides that they protect your clitoris, vagina-opening and urethral opening
So medically spoken it’s only necessary in case you really suffer while doing just ordinary things. In case it hurts wearing (tight)jeans, you can’t walk, sport or cycle normally, if you have many irritations and or infection of in case you have a tumor. So in case you are feeling suffering from it go see your GP or gyneacologist. I don’t know how it’s in your country, but in the Netherlands healthservice only pays surgery if you have a medical indication.
Psychologically seen there can be a big problem. These days there being beautiful is not enough, being perfect has become the standard and every woman wants to make that. In different forums I followed topics about this subject and whole surveys(Men feel free to leave your opinion here!). Of course they show that everybody has his own preference, but on the other hand, nobody would leave his/her girlfriend because of the appearance of her pussy. In the end it’s of minor importance en it showed than women usually misjudge themselves. Just like they think every kilo extra weight looks like 10, they feel like every 10mm lip coming out looks the same as an exploded beaver.
So actually you are worrying about nothing important and considering the men, totally not necessary. I really cheer to magazines as Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and to porn to use as much different kinds of pussies as possible!

Conclusion:It seems to me like we’re just one small step away from (wo)man-degrading circumcisions. Only now it would be voluntarily placed under the guise of being beautiful. Dear ladies, just let it go, penises are also not all 25cm and straight. These differ in shapes and sizes as well and there is little pressure on men. Find a guy who cares about you, he will already be happy that he allowed to touch you 😉

The G-spot surgery, in which they inject to get the G-spot more forward is only for the pleasure of women. These injections don’t stay that long and aren’t that known in the Netherlands. Because of that I have little information about it considering prices and others.
Oh and 1 other thing, these designerpussies somehow always remind me of this…

After anusbleaching now vaginableaching?

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