Craziest sex-spots

In respons to all reactions with the request to be anonymious I made two top 10-lists. 

One with the most common crazy sex-spots and  one with the most craziest spots (as in the ones almost nobody had sex).

Top 10 most common crazy sex-spots
10. Elevators of parking-garages and hotels mainly
9. Discotheques (In toilets, the hall itself and even at the bar)
8. Surprisingly many people are in the mile high club  (sex on a plane)
7. On the beach
6. At work
5. In public transfer: train, bus, metro and the stations (One person even claimed he had sex in the same compartment in which other people were)
4. In the woods or in parks
3. In public pools (mostly in the cabins but also in the pool itself. Cabins in stores are more common)
2. Cars in different (mostly distant) locations
1. In and around the house ( kitchens, cellars, sofa’s, dining tables and even on a washing machine)
Top 10 truely crazy spots:
10. In classrooms
9. In playgrounds
8. At the church (during ceremony)
7. At the balcony
6. At a cemetery
5. In attractions of amusement parks like de Efteling (Dutch amusementpark)
4. In the middle of a soccer-field
3. In a weed-room (where you grow the weed)
2. During concerts close to the stage
1. In a ferris wheel
I want to thank everybody who send me his/her top3! In particular my colleagues who (almost) all helped with this! 
In case you are missing the totally crazy spot you had sex, respond with them here! 
For the next RT I would like to hear about your blunders in bed. So if you have something email it to me with your name (or anonymous) and age. Please don’t respond with it here to keep it a surprise!!Keywords: sexspots, Crazy sexspot, crazy sex-spot, craziest sex-spot ever, outdoor sex, public sex, mile high club.
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