8 Tips to fall in love again!

The summer should be the season were your love reaches a peak. But what if you haven’t noticed anything indicating this? 

Well that means it is time to start growing those butterflies again.

So hereby 8 tips to recandle your flame!

1. Find a common hobby
Many couples break-up because they feel like they grow apart or have less time to spend together.
Prevent this problem by finding a commen hobby or activitu. You will get to know eachother on a new way, which strengthens your bond. This way you can get the best out of the combination of finding something interesting and new and spending time together.

2. Do something crazy together
Go skinnydipping, skydiving, try all the attractions in an amusement park, outdoor sex … if you step out of your comfort zone, he will probably try to play the hero, which will be eroticising for the both of you.

3. Laugh about his jokes
Many men and women in a stable relationship start rolling their eyes when their partner tells the same joke they’ve been hearing for years again. But just try to act like it is the first time you hear about it. He is just trying to give you a laugh, which is charming right?
Doesn’t that work for you? Try listening a bit more to each other. What occupies him/her? Talking about this can only strengthen your bond.

4. Go on a double date with a befriended couple
A double date can not only show you the sides you appreciate in each other, but also cause a little bit of jealousy. He can see how this other man looks at you, she notices how the other woman sees his positive sides.
If this is a bit too much for you, ask other what they like in your partner. Seeing what other see can only refresh your memories and make you appreciate each other again and even more.

5. Make him feel manly/make her feel like a princess 
Of course you can open those pots of vegetables yourself, but if you ask him to do it, he will feel even more manly.
Every girl wants to be treated like a princess, so take her out to dinner, or treat her on icecream after plundering the local lingerie-store together.

6. Ask about each other’s fantasies 
Many men dream of a girl who is willing to go into his fantasies. Feel free to ask what he wants and if you haven’t done already, purchase the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy, so you will be ready for anything.
Women are just as, or even more, sex eager as men, take this to your advantage!

7. Re-read old letters, textmessages or follow Brangelina and start writing them!
Do I really need to explain this?

8. Relive your first date 
Whether you invited him for a cup of hot chocolate in your home or you kissed her for the first time in a dingy club: do exactly the same as then. So you’ll probably get the same amorous feelings.


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