8 Facts about the vagina; Which are true?

Although half of the population has one, there is still plenty much to learn about the vagina. Is there a standard format, can you loose a tampon in there and how to keep her healthy? Eight facts and myths about female genital explained.

1. The vagina consist of several parts
True or not true? Read more for the anwer!

That’s not true. The vagina is only the internal part of the genital organ. It is a tube-shaped, elastic structure, between the uterus (neck) and the exterior of the body. The outer part, so the labia, clitoris and exit of the urethra, is called the vulva. If we talk about the vagina, we do often mean both the interior and the visible parts of the female genitalia.

2. Vaginas cleane themselves
A fact. The vagina has a great self-cleaning ability. The environment in the vagina has an acidity in which most pathogens can not survive. Washing with soap or special agents is not necessary. Soap and scrubbing disrupts the correct acidity, making you more at risk of infection.

3. All women have one 
That does not apply to all women. Every year in the Netherlands four girls into the world without a vagina and uterus, because they suffer from the MRK syndrome. They have external genitalia and ovaries. Sometimes there is an indentation at the spot where a vagina should be. This birth defect is often undiscovered until puberty  since then one notices that they miss their period. Some women with MRK-syndrome choose to create, with surgery, or with the aid of rods, a vagina.

4. They all look different 
Absolutely a fact, a standard vagina does not exist. They are all different, just like other parts of the body. A vagina is about 6 to 12 inches deep. In the excited state, there may be a few centimeters added. The width varies greatly and can stretch during childbirth. The exterior looks different in everyone . Labia come in all shapes and sizes. For many women, the ‘small’ labia are larger than the ‘big’, but with other women, they are barely visible.

5. Much discharge indicates an infection 
Fable. One naturally produces more discharge than others. What is a normal amount of vaginal discharge is difficult to say. During the cycle, moreover, the amount of change. Most have during ovulation and just before menstruation often more discharge.

Changes the odor, color or quantity suddenly ? Or is it bloody while you are not menstruating? Do you have abdominal pain, itching or burning sensation when urinating? Then there could be something wrong, and a visit to the family doctor is recommended

6. Vaginal complaints are rare 
Unfortunately, that is a myth, as many as four in five women have ever experienced vaginal symptoms. For example itching, irritation or abnormal discharge. In doing so, more than 60 percent of women ever had a vaginal yeast infection, as shown by a survey of 981 GezondheidsNet visitors.

7. Exercise improves your orgasm
Fact. The pelvic floor muscles play an important role in sex. If you are excited or get an orgasm, they unintentional contract rhythmically. If you do you know where they are, you can on purpose tighten them during sex to increase the excitement. In addition, there appears to be a connection. between the strength of the contraction and intensity of orgasms.
With pelvic floor exercises you train your pelvic floor muscles. This exercise is also called Kegel exercises, to the gynecologist Arnold Kegel who invented them.

8. You can lose a tampon 
Not really, because it can’t go anywhere. A tampon does not fit through the cervix and can not possibly end up in your uterus. A forgotten tampon and the string can still move up a little. Especially if you leave a tampon in place during sex or insert a second.

Such a ‘lost’ tampon is a hotbed for bacteria and you need to remove it as soon as possible. Presses while you’re squatting, can help to get him out. Or feel cautiously with two clean fingers if you can get him. If that fails, go to the doctor. You really are not the first who comes in with this embarrassing problem.
Source: gezondheidsnet

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