7 Features of a succesful relationship

Wouldn’t it come in handy if there were some way to predict whether or not your relationship will last? 

According to sexpert and journalist Tracey Cox you can! These factors tell you if your relationship is doomed to fail, or not. Le boyfriend and I tried this and meet 6 out of 7 points 😛

Every couple is different, but there still are a few features and situations that every relationship has to or will deal with. “Research proved that there are seven important factors which make your relationship work”, says sexguru Tracey Cox.

You think you both get equal out of the relationship
This factor is hugely important according to Cox. Ask yourself who gets the most out of this relationship. If the answer is an equal
distribution, you are on track.

You can control your jealousy 
According to Tracey, a small dose of jealousy is healthy. If you like your partner, it is just normal to feel a bit envious from time to time. But it is important for your relationship to control jealousy. Getting angry, storming out or trying to make your partner jealous is anything but the right way to deal with this issue. Best is to admit your jealousy and to talk about it.

You feel closer after a fight 
Every passionate couple clashes sometimes on a firm discussion. But in a successful relationship you do manage to rationally talk with each other, listen to each other and find a solution that you both are going to agree to. You´ll probably feel exhausted and emotionally quite fragile after a fight, but you and your partner will be closer than before the twist.

You can relativize 
Everyone occasionally blurts something out without too much thinking. Sometimes your statements may seem rude or dubious. According to Cox a couple on the road to success give each other the opportunity to clarify and give each other the benefit of the doubt. “I really have no interest in sex” does not mean that he does not find you attractive; He’s probably just tired.

You stay you
The perfect match does not exist, and there will always be things in your partner that firmly irritate you. Changing yourself to adapt better to each other, however, may be the beginning of the end according to Cox. “Respect each other’s boundaries, but do not change yourself to please him. Be flexible, but talk about what you want or not, and look for a solution together.”

You think before you act
Nobody thinks the same about everything, and a difference of opinion is the most normal thing in the world. However, before you shoot in the defensive and the situation escalates, you better think twice. Listen to the vision of your partner, and then quietly lay off yours.

You can say goodbye
If your partner pulls out for a few days or weeks without you, you have two ways to say goodbye. You can stick to him, cry and feel let down because he’s leaving without you. Or you can wave goodbye to him cheerfully, wish him a good trip and start preparing his return. The last option is much healthier for your relationship.

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