Howto: Fingerplease a Girl for the First Time

Fingering a girl can be very exciting for the both of you. If you’re good with your handjob, you can make your girl come while cuddling and fingering her. But done wrong, you could end up hurting her very bad. So even though it’s no rocket science, here are some suggestions how to fingerplease your girl.

How to Finger a Girl for the First Time is originally from my overseas colleague, Svetlana Ivanova.
Check her SexSecrets blog for way more interesting articles about sex advice, experiences, and news!! 


This article (mine) only changed the order of the steps a bit and added some more tips. 

Step 1: Warming her up
Step 2: Feel her lips (make sure you already start using lubricant/saliva for this step in order not to hurt her, and don’t pull her lips, that hurts!)
Step 3: Massage her clit (slow, big circular movements are the best way to start)
Step 4: Insert your finger
Step 4b: Massage her clit (from this point you can stimulate more directly, with smaller circles and faster movements)
Step 5: Bring her to orgasm!

So why did I change this? Well, if you start massaging her clitoris while she is not wet, or without using lubrication, you will most likely hurt her. So that’s why I advice you to feel her up a bit, and spread her wetness to her clit.

But even better is varying these steps (that’s why I added 4b). As long as she is wet enough you won’t hurt her (unless you are pressing like an idiot or scratching her with your nails (cut them!)), and by varying you will be teasing her even more.

If you notice she is close to coming, please don’t change anymore, keep the rythm as Svetlana says, only speed up a little if you notice no increase in muscle tension.

Extra tip! If she reaches her orgasm, don’t pull your hands off her just yet, push (not too hard) you hand against her vulva, this will increase the tension.

And on to the next step, eating pussy like a boss!!

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