10 Tips to boost your relationship

Relationships… People tell you a lot about them, but most of the times it’s not really clear how much of an effort you need to make to make them work. 

Unfortunately, no matter how in love you are, maintaining a happy RS does not come that easy.

So hereby 10 tips to boost your relationship.

1. Take a deep breath before you speak
Or even better, think before you speak/act. Chances are that when you are irritated or angry during the day you’ll get angry for even the smallest thing, which is not fair against your partner.
On the other hand, if you have a good reason to be angry for something of your partner, make sure you point out the real problem and not small, trifling detail. So be sure that what you are about to say is (the) right (thing) and consider if you bring it the right way.
2. Me-time
Make sure you both have some time to yourself as well. Take a little me-time, even if it is just a 30 minute bath.3. Don’t turn on your tellie while dining
yeah it can be nice to watch the news or whatever when you are eating, but it makes it too easy to forget about talking to each other, so leave it off.
Better yet, take your plates to the dining table and have a real conversation about your days. These little moments make that you stay updated on each others well being and doings, and makes you understand why he suddenly came home angry, cause hey, wasn’t today that meeting with his annoying colleague about which he talked last Wednesday?4. Take a shower together
If you both have a very busy schedule, it can be nice to jump in the shower together and soap up before or after a hectic day at work. The advantage of taking a shower together is that it is intimate, and there is no further distraction.

5. Don’t Whatsapp about everything
Important calls need to be performed face-to-face. This ensures that no misunderstandings arise and both intonation and body language are an important part of our communication.
Also think about this, which do you prefer in case of bad news; an arm around you or a smiley of a heart on your cell?
Additionally, if you’re going to app all throughout the day, what do you tell each other then during dinner suggested above?

6. Hug!
A hug provides (for women anyway) the production of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, besides, being close also strengthens your relationship. Sex is not suitable enough because we are talking about a different kind of intimacy and sex is actually also pretty selfish too.
What you could do for example is going to bed  fifteen minutes early or set the alarm fifteen minutes earlier, t a big hug is the best way to end or start the day.

7. Not every present needs an excuse
Why wait until his/her birthday when you think of something nice? Surprise each other! Whether you want to make a huge meal with a new recipe, or you walk into something in a store that reminds of your SO, just do it!
Also giving compliments and making spontaneous plans fall under the same thing here. Spontaneity and generosity are two important characteristics of a good relationship.

8. Throw your routine out
Do you always remain in bed on Sunday morning? Then go out jogging. Are you going to the pub every Friday? Stay at home and make your own cocktail evening. It can also be fun to take turns to plan a surprise date. Variety keeps you alert and prevents boredom.

9. Don’t belittle your partner
This seems obvious but playfull teasing can easily turn into nasty behavior. Jokes about each others appearances or job or whatever could seem funny for once, but it will only be just that one time, if you are that lucky.

10. Say goodnight the right way
It is soo easy to just fall onto your bed and go to sleep after working a long day, but better is to just look your SO in the eyes before you head on to your dreams. Recent research by Professor Wiseman showed that the distance in a relationship is reflected in your sleeping positions!

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